French bulldog skateboarding

Gizmo Badass frenchie // skateboarding session

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25 Responses

  1. brine bomb says:

    Pro Pet X-Games!  way too cool. Luv Frenchies

  2. Aileen Gröning says:

    Wow! He looks soooo cute ????i need to buy a skatebord for my frenchie ❤️❤️❤️

  3. TheCorcorranster says:

    this is so cool! I have a 2 yr old frenchie that looks just like gizmo! His name is royal and he could totally do that but he's too concerned about biting the skateboard! (alpha male haha)

  4. Maktoum Al-M says:

    Absolutely the best frenchie i've seen, now i wanna get one lol


    Love the video 🙂 hate the music

  6. DuckThe1 says:

    For some strange reasons this movie was blocked in my home country !!??.But dont worry, the add on YouTube Unblocker solved this one as usual.Fonzie Bulldog says hello.

    https://www.facebook .com/pellethunderheart

  7. Vivien Leigh says:

    Sooooo gorgeous. Ahhhh love these fur babies. Mmmmmuahhhh

  8. joeyancristal says:

    how cute

  9. Y Liberal says:

    Unbelievable, ur Frenchy is not one bit scared. Luv how he pushes to actually skate, and goes up and down the ramps. Way toooo smart.

  10. Brikkyz says:

    Too awesome! Don't think anyone could have a bad day after seeing this, btw was the sound track? It's catchy. Haha graffiti penis.

  11. David Jules Bakal says:

    anyone know if a frenchie can manage without the grip tape? worried about what it will do to their teeth.

  12. Lukas says:

    Lol how he looks at the guy falling at :58, like what an amateur

  13. lucca landini says:

    Is he a french terrorist dog ????

  14. bouncy athil says:

    GO franchise GO ?

  15. Murdley Ekrem says:


  16. Video Live says:

    cool dog

  17. Gilianne Keller says:

    Que fofo..

  18. Little_dreamer Bell says:

    My frenchie is just under 5 months. He's a fawn frenchie too! Ugh I need to teach him how to do this?

  19. Peto111222 says:

    Dislike for repeats of the clips…no need for repeats.

  20. SPARKLE PETS says:

    Hello there, would it be ok if I use your videos in my funny pets compilation? I will credit you in the description and comments. Thank you 🙂

  21. adrianninja2s Adventures says:

    Goat simulator in real life but with dogs

  22. johnny bulldoggo says:


  23. PeaceFan1 says:

    A Natural Ladies and Gentlemen!!! WHAT an Athlete!! xoxo

  24. Helz17 says:

    My fb Louis is 10 months and started singing please check him out on my channel and subscribe and like xxx thank you xxx

  25. Kiki Margaritou says:

    Είναι πολύ γλυκα

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