French Bulldog Teddy vs. Bear Shark

Ted! Waaaaa! *Foreboding Piano* squeak *Foreboding Piano* squeak *Foreboding Piano* French Bulldog barks Teddy the french bulldog makes a cute noise. *Foreboding Piano* Frenchie dog growls. *Foreboding Piano* squeak *Foreboding Piano* squeak *Foreboding Piano* Teddy the French Bulldog barks again. *Foreboding Piano* Ted!

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4 Responses

  1. Ale C. says:

    That's a shark ?!? LOL

  2. jackie 24 says:


  3. ambidextra ambidextra says:

    Dive for cover Ted!!

  4. Mouful's Second Channel says:

    So cute

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