French poodle part of airport’s new pet therapy program

ON CAM VID IN MON — ERIC — IF YOU’VE EVER SPENT TIME IN AN AIRPORT… THEN YOU KNOW TRAVEL CAN REALLY TAKE ITS TOLL. THAT’S WHY DANE COUNTY REGIONAL AIRPORT IS OFFERING UP A FURRY OPTION TO HELP RELIEVE YOUR STRESS. LEAH LINSCHEID INTRODUCES US TO PIERRE THE FRENCH POODLE. PACKAGE P- 1 SOT NAT – toe tapping 2 SOT Leah: 7:43 “Maybe it’s that hours-long wait.” :45 3 SOT Finger scrolling 4 SOT Leah: 8:43 Or maybe it’s that delayed flight” :46 1 SOT NAT – bag onto escalator 2 SOT Leah: 9:03 “The list of airport pet peeves is long – so what if there was some sort of airport therapy to help make you smile?” :08 3 SOT NAT- airport (you pick something) 4 VO/MINI-DISC In a place where complaints are common – 4 SOT Traveller 426_0150:02 “The boarding part of it really” :04 1 SOT Traveller 473_01 10:43 “When a flights late or it gets cancelled” :46 2 VO/MINI-DISC – and unhappiness nearly unanimous – 2 SOT Traveller 426_0150:06 “It takes a really long time and you’re waiting in the aisle” :09 3 SOT Traveller 435_01 51:42 “Getting to the end of the line and the bag is not here yet” 51:45 4 SOT Traveller 426_01 50:14 “It just makes me a little bit crazy” :16 1 VO/MINI-DISC – there’s now some comfort to take that bark out of your hectic airport experience. 1 SOT Dana 445_01 58:04 “Would you like to pet my dog?” “Haha sure would!” 2 VO/MINI-DISC Meet Dana Schreiber’s dog. 2 SOT Dana 445_01: 58:16 “This is Pierre he’s a french poodle – (Pierre shakes)” :21 3 VO/MINI-DISC More than a pet – he’s peace of mind. 3 SOT Dana 445_01 57:26 “Would you ilke to pet my dog? We’re the airport pet therapy team” :29 4 VO/MINI-DISC Pierre’s an addition to airport staff – part of a program to temper travellers’ woes. 4 SOT Dana Schreiber/Dane County Airport Pet Therapy Program 3:19 “If somebody just smiles that’s a tension reliever that’s an opportunity for them to get out of that moment” :26 1 SOT Dana 444_01 56:19 “Come here Pierre, come on” 56:20 2 VO/MINI-DISC Dana and Pierre have been perking people up for years, partners in pet therapy – but their work at the Dane County Airport is a new adventure. 2 SOT Dana 3:55 “I love dogs.” “And you thought other people would love dogs too?” “Well I didn’t figure I know ha” 4:02 3 SOT Dana 444_01 56:37 “Would you like to pet Pierre?” 4 SOT Dana 440_01 54:04 “Some people smile, some people approach us, some people go nuts some peeople say can I take his picture :11 1 VO/MINI-DISC A brief interaction before boarding – but it always seems to leave a little bit of relief. 1 SOT Dana and traveller 445_01 57:46 “Thank you – thank you.” :47 2 SOT 6:58 Leah: “You can catch Dana and Pierre at the Dane County Airport on weekday afternoons. In M, I’m LL for WISC N3.” 7:07

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