Friendship Between Baby And French Bulldog

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7 Responses

  1. Hằng Nhi Nguyễn says:

    Many dogs and many baby are very cute.

  2. Jalal alsharef alsharef says:


  3. Phuong Nguyen says:

    So funnyyyy

  4. Phuong Nguyen says:

    I have 2 bull dogs in my house. There're so cute

  5. Mi Beo says:

    Dog is teaching girl how to hool OK guys there is new singer zakkyboy whose singles Smooth

  6. Nguyen Zoey says:

    Wow that was lovely moments.I really love it

  7. Huyền Nguyễn says:

    Watched video and it was so cute what each baby did and of course each baby is so different in how silly they are

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