Funniest & Cutest French Bulldog Videos | Funny DOG Compilation #491

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27 Responses

  1. Bae Irregular says:

    So cute

  2. LisboCake says:

    Dogs Are Awesome.
    Dogs Are Awesome But…
    You are more awesome,
    your the AWESOMEST!!!

  3. Laga Savea says:

    😆 frenchies 🤙🏽

  4. JCR98 says:

    I have a French Bulldog 😉

  5. JCR98 says:

    Your channel is so awesome!

  6. Its_ Cristina123 says:

    I have too that dog but he can’t eat cake

  7. AYŞEGÜL İNCE says:


  8. Lorenzo Martins de Campos says:


  9. Luz says:

    I wanted my frenchie to do these things lol

  10. Google Google says:


  11. ixlnxs says:

    0:30 is a win!

  12. Kennedy Lynch says:

    Some of the videos are pugs

  13. Nikola Kołodziej says:

    I Love swet buldog

  14. ёжик мягкий says:


  15. super hamster says:


  16. Juli Korn says:

    Kto polska??

  17. Werner Runkel says:

    Mein Gott ! Was für blöde, fette, ungeschickte und hässliche Köter ! Und dazu dieses 'Churchill – Gesicht' – einfach nur noch ekelhaft !

  18. Erika Molnár says:


  19. Janel King says:

    The kiddy pool….👍❤

  20. Shu Zhang says:

    Bit the dude's nipples 0:22

  21. Giusy Danile says:

    I have a baby French bulldog(6 months) it is very cute😍

  22. dony the french bulldog • says:

    can one of my video be on there?

  23. Emi_ Esel says:

    I got french bulldogs

  24. the animator says:

    0:02 was the best! haha!

  25. 불독파파 says:


  26. Cha Shu Bao the Pomeranian says:

    I want to hug them all so bad!!!!😙😙😙😙

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