Funny American Staffordshire Terrier Videos

[Music] nor did you do did you wreck it did you make the mass hmm yeah I think you made a mass big mess come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my goodness have you got [Music] [Music] do you not like being clean is that what it is you don’t like a bath you don’t like water you want to be the smelly pop no yeah you want to be the smelly pop don’t you yeah you want to be the smelly pop yeah [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] what did you do what did you do what did you do Stan [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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100 Responses

  1. BigRalphSmith says:

    1:51 "Go ahead, turn that camera off. I promise it will be quick. Make my day".

  2. BigRalphSmith says:

    3:12 "Get. This. Fucking. Dog. Off of me"!

  3. Mad Meddling Maddow says:

    02:12 when your GPS keeps telling you to turn around

  4. chevy vett says:

    I'll never own anything but a staffy My girl is the most awesome dog on this planet

  5. tully mcglone says:

    i just got my american staffy puppy today!!!

  6. WillowReadIt says:

    My staffy likes to stalk up to you if he hasn't seen you in a while. It's adorable but really creepy for people who don't know him

  7. RIMER 94 says:


  8. Dario Nuzzo says:

    Quando una persona ha la fortuna di avere un Amstaff capisce che vuole solo questa razza per tutta la vita…sono dolcissimi,simpaticissimi,bellissimi un amore

  9. Thomas Lowdon says:

    I have a blue am staff….loves people to bits…but shes like a bull in a china shop..omg clumsy ??

  10. Eva Rabas says:

    So cute, I love them

  11. KimAngel123 says:

    We have two of these dogs and man they are so lovable, playful, and full of energy! Haha. But the HUGE thing about them is their very family orientated. That's why their misunderstood, if you treat them poorly..well there's your reason for a bad name. Their awesome dogs, and as long as you respect them, they'll stay loyal. coming out of the mouth from an owner herself.

  12. Chicken Draws Dogs says:

    Looks a tank, has the engine of a race car and the temperament of a banana.

  13. Grace Tortoici says:

    At 15 seconds that is what my dog looks like
    It is exact.
    It's not my house but it looks like my dog

  14. DopeasFudge says:

    First dog sounds like Cardi b okuuur

  15. Lauren K says:

    I have a 14 month old staffy, he is absolutely gorgeous and I love him…. but do they ever calm down with age? I honestly can’t sit on the couch if he’s around, he will jump on me and chew on my arms and want to play 24/7.

  16. Brock the Tin Can says:

    When they know they have done something wrong they look so sad

  17. Nancy Nolan says:

    Looks like your gamg banging disgusting whore probation officer going in cuffs the hoe Montebello better be on the bench in court this week

  18. JesseLoves Carbs says:

    I like the "Smelly pup" so cute lol

  19. Horse Familly says:

    I have a english Stafford

  20. Mark Aylott says:

    I have a staffy that someone dumped when she was 3months old. I searched for the owners with no luck. Now I have a great friend and companion with personality plus. To the scum bag that dumped her, may the flees from a thousand camels infest your armpits!

  21. OGBabyface Walker says:

    Where do I get the pig 🐖 you need that ASAP does anyone know 👀

  22. Nxrves says:

    OMG ITS A TOTALLY DANGEROUS DOG!! Look its whimpering at me!!!SO DANGEROUS

  23. Иван Иванов says:

    Те кто не любят этих собак у того такой просто небыло!!!!!

  24. Lmao. says:

    Bit specific but ight

  25. nicky kupfers says:

    No such thing Staffordshire bull terrier are from here in England there not American

  26. Malwina Bronk says:


  27. Sampo Kemppainen says:

    Pitbull aka babyfaceripper

  28. Arshes Nei says:

    A lot of these are Starffordshire Bull Terriers and not the larger cousins American Staffordshire Terriers but I still love you for posting this video.

  29. Letty Berrios says:

    Tokyo me they all look like part pitbull

  30. K. DeMolina says:

    Very deep empathy with these funny dogs ^-^ I love staffy as like as breton 😉

  31. Levia Yisrael says:

    Somebody send me info on where to get another one!!! I Love 💘 Staffies!!!

  32. Adrianne Greene says:

    At first I was afraid of dogs when I was a kid but as I grew older, I gotten used to walking past them(even when some of them try to jump at me): when my uncle got two American Staffordshire’s, they’re the two most adorable puppies I have ever seen, I just wanted to play with them all day, my parents brought a black Labrador and a brindle pit bull, to be honest with you, I thought that they were gonna fight all the time but since we brought magnum first(yes, we named him that…don’t judge us), he was used to being around dogs in the park all the time, so when snowball came home, they got on like two peas in a pod, they’ve been best friends since snowball was 6 weeks old…you try and separate them, they’ll just yell for each other and make you take them to the same place the other one is going. and magnum act mostly like a big brother to snowball when the other two dogs: Tyson and blue play too rough with him…snowball does play fight but doesn’t take it too far, that’s when magnum comes in and sets the other two straight…he’s especially a good uncle towards Tyson’s puppies, he’s gentle with the puppies and does play fight with the other dogs

  33. Tranquility 32 says:

    Oh my gosh cuteness overload with this video!!! Love my favorite pups!!!! 💜

  34. loopy fruit says:

    My parents got me a starry cross English bull. He's training to be my work dog (I'm almost completely deaf) he's so dumb but gorgeous and loyal. He's 8 months old and sadly was neglected by his previous owner so he doesn't have much training. I've had him for a month and can't imagine life without him now.

  35. Pete Darby says:

    3:43 I was waiting for that balloon to pop & send the startled pup running

  36. Brandon Blair says:

    The mirror pup had me dying

  37. Nathan_ The_russian says:

    I have onee

  38. alex alan says:

    go 2 had 3 but the old guy died miss him i would never have any other breed

  39. Jmenuji se Lily says:

    Best 🙂 🙂

  40. Angelika Yaritza Gomez Alvarez says:

    Que hermosos los perros

  41. Jacque says:

    My avatar says it all!!

  42. fox_fornit _irl fox says:

    1 07 no staff

  43. Gayle says:

    Thanks, I needed that laugh!

  44. Darren Walsh says:

    My lovely american stsffy has esten my house

  45. Cecil Sarver says:

    What good babies Thank you

  46. Vitaly Spok says: Check my pitbull amstaff mix, training of powerdog

  47. Isabelle Iacopino says:

    Cute and so funny

  48. elle knightess says:

    3:00 my man when he pisses me off and is trying to apologise

  49. Cricri Cricri says:

    Funny crazy🤩🤩😍😘

  50. Oti Guarneros says:

    Me encantaron muy lindos👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏⚘💐🌹🌼💐🌹💙💛❤❣💙❣💛❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  51. Ultra Instinct Gogeta says:

    My boys an american bulldog cross staff an some of these are the spit of him, the two brindle/black with the white shirt an socks look exactly like him

  52. Kelly Fletcher says:

    I have my very first Staffy! She is so vocal! She is a blessing to my little family. I have a 17yr old son, 60lb staffy, 10lb chi/schnauzer mix, 4ft ball python, & a 4yr old rescue kitty….I LOVE ALL MY BABIES!

  53. ftlfist says:

    Best dog I ever had, strong as hell.

  54. jules wins says:

    I only saw one dog that might have been an AmStaff; these were all Staffs, especially with so many of the vids from England, but that’s okay – they’re still major cute!

  55. Aly says:


    Not a single soul:
    First Dog: Bird noises

  56. Golden Puppies says:

    They Look just like little babies😍😍

  57. Gacha Moonlight says:

    Staffies really are the best dogs even tho they have a bad reputation, it all just depends on how they are raised, I have a staff and he is as good as gold just because he was brought up right

  58. David says:

    How do you make a Staffordshire Bull Terrier 'American'? Put a Trump MAGA hat on it and feed it cheeseburgers and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  59. Monroe Wolfe says:

    8:23 that dog looks so fucking scared like the poor baby is beat 🤬

  60. RR Extra says:

    staffies, great dogs.

  61. Kieran Neal says:

    Beautiful fuck you haters thay can't control dogs

  62. David Evans says:

    Staffs are the best family dogs you can get they are full of love

  63. Lyuux says:

    When I'm going to be 22 I will buy me a stuffie

  64. Karen Mullen says:

    At 9:22 – 9:46 there's something wrong with that dog's throat/jaw/face … thyroid problem? Jaw infection? Other bone or genetic disorder?

  65. Karen Mullen says:

    2:30 it's either an alien inside, or that dog done stripped a gear 'bout sumptthin'!

  66. Viktor Vlach says:


  67. brian littlewood says:

    The staffy is actually a welsh dog,where it was also known as an hearth dog as they love to lay by the fire

  68. Anky Blablabla says:

    Just baby’s ❤️

  69. Antoney Don says:

    They're the cutest dog for me

  70. reviewfor thetube says:

    Staffs are the only dogs that make that noise lol remember a video where a lady adopted the dog because of the noise she lived it they titled it pit bull rescue I'm like nope that's a staff 100 percent slot of the dogs in this video weren't really staffs but it was such a Good video

  71. Alexandria Herrick says:

    I absolutely love my staffy as well. She's so funny and just a big love bug and loves to cuddle. She doesn't know what personal space is.

  72. Елена Серпова says:

    Зайцы хорошие!!!

  73. Lewie McNeely says:

    A goofy bulldog can make more noise pound for pound than any other breed, especially during tug-o-war. You'd think they were going to rip your face off if it wasn't for the tails going a million miles an hour!

  74. Дмитрий Карпов says:

    Staffies are the best dog bredd

  75. Russell Bussey says:

    Where can i get the pig toy @5:28 ?!

  76. Samstr TVP says:

    why is there and amstaff in this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Zoran Jankovic says:

    9:44 sounds like someone is snoring!🤣😴🤣🤣

  78. Meringas 33 says:

    Orribile questo cane e pericolosissimo!

  79. Reagan Mayfield says:

    Why do they do that silly silly circle thing and the way the talk…HILARIOUS! #PITTIEMOM #ROCKETDOG #OURSON

  80. Alex Sanchez says:

    0:00 sounds like someone mic when it’s trash

  81. Alex Sanchez says:

    JK 0:00was to funny

  82. Laury De. Leeuw says:

    My dogs does the same with An balloon

  83. Judiel Díaz says:

    Staffies look like pitbulls

  84. Anthony Long says:

    Those that say staffies are evil have clearly never met a chihuahua before

  85. Spaghetti Obsessed says:

    My dogs while I’m watching this video without earphones:

  86. Grifey says:

    Everyone: staffies are a mean and viscous breed of dogs!

  87. Malik says:

    They look like pits

  88. BE PREPARED says:

    2:32 => Star Wars => R2D2 🤣😂

  89. blue03r6 says:

    they all want to be a smelly pup. or full of mud.

  90. Scott Pendergast says:

    They made some good points

  91. iiAmFrosty says:

    My staffy can protect me from a burglar but if he sees or even here's a mouse he will jump onto anything near him to save his dear life.

  92. Владислав Анисимов says:


  93. Silvia García says:

    Que monosssssssssss

  94. Владимир Сергеев says:

    У меня был стафф звали Станислав. Очень скучаю.

  95. Anne Mckeever says:

    Lovely video just lost my girl at only 6 through cancer she was a rescue dog and we only got her at 3. I’m heartbroken I’ve had these beautiful dogs for 34 years

  96. David Carter says:

    Staffy's & Pits are hands down the best dogs on the planet! My Staffy has ruined me for other breeds, she's the most adorable, loving, sensitive dog I've ever had. She's beyond dedicated & incredibly affectionate, I adore her beyond words! We've been together for 6 wonderful years now… 👍💕😇

  97. VOODUU PRIEST says:

    I despise the whole guilt trip sht, not funny. Its stressful to the dog.

  98. MrRol52 says:

    Bandit is beautiful!

  99. One big eye. One big ear. says:

    No Sutch dog.the end.

  100. Brother Mike says:

    2:31 haha turbo.

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