Funny Dogs in Halloween 2017 Costumes | Frozen Shelby the Husky

Guess what we’re doing today! Halloween is fast approaching! Every year for as long
I can remember… We always done a little
Halloween fashion show for you guys. Just to show off, some costumes
we have for the dogs. Today is going to be classic
‘Frozen’ Shelby day! (lion roar sounds) First, we have little Miss Memphis,
in unicorn
(magic sounds) In her hood and everything… Show everybody how cool it is! Huh? Can you show how cool? She’s like, “Mom, this is so degrading!” “Why you, are doing this to me?” It says on here…
“I’m not weird! I’m a unicorn!” Come on Memphis!
Let’s go! “I would be turned into
a treat or something?” You want… Do anything, besides laying there? (magic sounds) Want a treat? Come on!
Let’s have a treat! Yay! So… This one, has a little hood on it. I know, she won’t actually
wear it while walking around. But it was, super cute and had
to try it on her to see what she would do. That costume is actually too
small for Shelby. So, she is not getting
to try that one. Is too small for Oakley as well. And now… We bring to you! Shelby, The Tauntaun!
(lion roar noises) Shelby says,
“Frozen Shelby, the Tauntaun!” Now, those of you that have been around
for a while, knows that Shelby freezes when we put things on her back. Is not just on Halloween costumes. Is also like, her harness or anything
that touches her back, she turns into her most cat like form… And does this! Is the funniest thing ever!
(lion roar sounds) Are you frozen? Shelby, are you frozen? (creature sounds) Shelby, are you happy
that Halloween is coming? Do you want to carve
some pumpkins? Do you want to… Become a ‘Jedi?’ Yeah! You want to become
a ‘Jedi?’ This one, also has a hood. But… Our dogs have pointy ears. So, the hoods don’t really work
but, you can see it’s got the
little ‘Tauntaun’ things. What you think?
(creature sounds) It’s so cute!
You got ‘Han Solo’ on your back? Is it adorable? How do we unfreeze you? This is how, we unfreeze her.
Here we go. Shelby? Who’s here? One more time? Shelby? Who’s here?
Is Greg Here? Go see! Go see! She’s like,
“I think I can do it!” “I think, I can!” Come on! Let’s go see! Come on!
You can do it! Maybe… Maybe… Need a push? Need a little push?
Okay, here goes! Ready? Go! Go see! Go see!
Yay! You are unfrozen! Shake it off! She’s like,
“I’m frozen again!” “It touched me weird!” You’re so silly! You’re so silly! We’ve actually made
‘Frozen’ Shelby videos
for like eight (8) years. I think, one of our first
Halloween videos was
a ‘Frozen’ Shelby video. She has done this
her entire life! Like I said, is not just
for Halloween costumes. When we put her harness
on and she does the same thing. She’s so excited, to go
somewhere. When she gets her harness on,
she just freezes. Wait… Do you want to release it?
If I do just, the front… Does that work? Oh yay!
It’s still on your back honey! Is there… Is there…
Still actually there. Shake it off! Yay! Uh oh! Now, she’s dragging the
Tauntaun around. Hold on! Hold on! Yay! (laughter) Roar! Look! Oakley is a lion!
(lion roar sounds) Oakley is not a big fan of costumes
that go over her back. She does pretty good with the ones
that go like a collar. I honestly, don’t think she
realized that is on. I think she can go back in her kennel
and go to sleep! Roar! Do it! Roar!
(lion roar sounds) (laughter) Aww! You know, you are super cute? You look like a lion! “I’m the king of the jungle,
even thought I’m a girl!” The costume Memphis has on is probably
one of my favorite funny costumes. This is ‘The Jockey!’ Come on Memphis!
Go! Go! Go!
(galloping sounds) Okay… Sit! Let’s see if we can get her to run… I know, you can do it! Come on Memphis!
(galloping sounds) Yay! (laughter)
(horse neighing sounds) Aww! That is way too cute! I’ll get you guys,
some more treats too. So, as we do this video…
What you guys don’t see is
behind the scenes stuff. The dogs, gets a lot of treats
while we do the Halloween video. Because they do so good at
making this video. Memphis is like,
“Wait… I want more cookies!” You got a cookie!
Come on Memphis! Run! Run! Run!
(galloping sounds) Dun dun dun… Oh no! You are going to throw
the bucking bronco! For those of you
that may be new here and may not know, we do
have another YouTube channel. Is our vlogging channel. If you are into Halloween and
you like this kind of stuff, We actually do a huge
Halloween display out our house. We usually blog the whole thing. If you guys want to see us
carve over one hundred (100) pumpkins and put them on display, head to Subscribe and check out
the videos over there. Not only you get to see more of
what Jamie and I do, in our lives. You get to see more, of the dogs
as well. Is like a win-win situation. Memphis still has
the guy in the back. I will put a playlist to our
other ‘Frozen Shelby’ and Halloween videos. Up in the cards above and down
in the video description below, So you can check those out. If you missed it, on Monday
we did a DIY Pumpkin Latte for dogs. A lot of you guys, had been
asking for. That went up on Monday. As always you guys… If you are new to this channel
and you liked what you saw, don’t forget to hit that ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button. Like this video and share it with friends
to help us grow ‘The Pawdience!’ As always…
Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! (barks) Stay positive… Dream big!
Mailman is here! You think is here for you?
(barks) Is the mail for you?
(barks) Yeah? I’m sure it is! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! (barks) Yeah! You tell them!
Is that the mailman? I know, he is your best friend.
He bring you stuff all… (barks) He does! I know! He brings you treats
and packages and boxes. I’m sure that’s for you! Good bye guys!

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