Funny Vines dogs and cats | Try not to laugh 2019 | Funny Translator

Bit my boy?What?Something wrongThis guy is so fast. Forget itReally tasty. But my teethAre you OK?Mom take you home, whatever you wantThe boy is coming again. Where he is? where?Hit assWait, let me aimYou want to school too? OKbe foundLOVEListen to me ·······I can’t finish homework,becauseThere is a fly on your face.Let me help youHelp Help HelpScared meCome onI am not drunkToo troublesome,I need a good ideaThis method can catch fishWhat are you looking , We need private spaceWhat happened? Oh my godSomething wrong with the doorGood friendsYou do not go?Cut the gourd and start to cook the crabI can not go out, helpFat cat and meatCome on, good boyWhat?Private elevatortake easy,it is nor trueslowly slowly slowlyDon’t you think you need to lose weight first?Do you want to play badminton? I want tooI haven’t eaten enough yet.Don’t forget to cover the quilt and subscribe before going to bed.

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