– I’m thinking of a number
between one and three. (laughs) It was two. What do you got? Don’t have a great hand, do you? Neither do I, I fold. Oh, now you wanna play. We’ll play six card draw,
my favorite (laughs). What do you got? Oh, you got a card that
has two backs to it. I don’t know how much that’s worth. Oh, don’t butter me up, pfft, I fold. Got any sevens? I see one right there. I see a seven, you have a seven! Fine, go fish. Rock, paper, you have, no. Rock, paper, ow, carpet burn (grunts). Boom, two queens, two kings, one seven. Your turn, just one! All right, now put it on top. I’ll do this one, your turn. You gonna go for that one, really? (blocks clatter) Told you not to go for that one. There’s a seven right
here, just give it to me. Don’t look at my hand. Best two outta three, get over here! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. I was paper the whole time. You have a seven, give me your seven. I’m gonna catch your bluff, cat. Your turn, go. I’m gonna be the skateboard. You wanna be the thimble? Oh, it’s a hamburger, I’m so sorry. It’s your turn. Use the front of the chair. What was it, don’t lie, was it a four? Move five. Yeah, of course I have a seven. Get on your side. 1-0, 2-0, you’re bad at this game. 3-0, don’t quit. Ah, all right, your turn. I caught it. That doesn’t count. I’m done playing. What is this, it’s a seven! Can you move me three? This way, thank you. I’ll take it, your turn. Seven, seven, go seven. You want me to move you? That was four, I gotcha, five, six, seven. Do you want it? You can’t just go on Pacific Avenue. It doesn’t work like that. You sure you don’t have any sevens? Gimme your card. You don’t even have enough
for Pacific Avenue anyway. There’s a seven right, come, now what you’re gonna want
to do is take these things, pay attention, and you’re gonna throw it. No, you didn’t want to play unicorn horns, I don’t wanna play ball in the thing. Fine, we can play one game. One, two, three. Ready or not, but you’re
probably not, here I come. Found you, you’re so bad at this, my turn. I don’t need your help. It’s still my turn! Keep counting, count all the way to 10 this time, you cheater. She’ll never see me. You caught me, I was in
your box the whole time. Yeah, a really fun game night. I had a great time, I had a blast.

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