Gardner-Webb University Bulldog Club

[instrumental upbeat music] My grandfather was the second student
to enroll at Gardner-Webb. It was Boiling Springs High School at that time. And, then my father was a student. And, then when I was at Gardner-Webb they did
a photo of us and put it in the paper. about the three generations coming to
Gardner-Webb. I would come as a child to the football games. And, when Eddie Holbrook was a coach—
came to all the basketball games. That was a very exciting time. So, I’ve always come, and now that
I have time, I come to all the games. [Sharp crack of baseball bat]
[Crowd cheers] The Bulldog Club is a fundraiser
for athletic scholarships. [crowd cheers] I’d say you cannot beat the value. You get to go to all the games.
They have meals. They have refreshments. You know, I love free refreshments.
[laughs] I think, as a—if someone is a former athlete,
they know how much it means to have support from the Bulldog Club. But, even as regular students, you know,
you were able to go attending those sporting events and able to see your classmates and peers play. And, they were able to play, because of
people that are part of the Bulldog Club. [fan cheers in background] Because of their scholarships,
they could do their classroom work and not have to worry about
working a part-time job. They can focus on their studies and focus on their athletic abilities, so they can do well in both. [Crowd cheers] [Crowd cheers] [Shoes squeak] I run track-and-field here, at Gardner-Webb. The Bulldog Club is special to athletics
here, at Gardner-Webb, because they not only support us financially, but they
also, you know, show support by coming out to watch us and take an interest in what
we’re doing as athletic teams here at Gardner-Webb. [instrumental upbeat music]

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