Garmin Alpha 100 TT15 GPS Dog Collar First Test on Beagle Puppy (In Rainy Weather)

What’s going on guys it’s Wyatt and olive with Mirren outdoors and today, we’re doing a little bit of You know first looks at the Garmin all of this finally a little bit old enough to Put it on so we’re gonna do that and it’s raining today, so we’re gonna do a weather test with it On the collar there’s a button here as you can see you just hold that That turns it on Now it’s blinking. It’s on We’re gonna go ahead and turn the unit on just right on the side here It’s gonna pop up Let it do its thing and then we’re going to do new hunt You know yes, we want that cleared so it’s good clear the last time and We’ll mark this as truck and Then we’re going to see that all the tones work. We’re at the map Tone so I’m happy with that let’s go out and and put this on all of and then get outside So this is the unit on olive? Obviously it’s still a little big for her, but she can just barely I just want to get her used to it And that’s why we’re doing this so that she gets used to the collar. She knows it’s okay She knows when the collar goes on. It’s good time to go hunting you Know all that stuff also getting your familiar with it, but let’s get outside Out here is to get her used to the tone that so that she knows When I do this to come back, so I just walk with her get her move in a little bit. You know she’s sniffing around There’s also a coyote in the area that we found the other day, so she might be sniffing on that come on Let’s go. Let’s go. Go go keep walking keep walking keep walking Good girl And so when she gets a little bit further from me I’ll hit it and then I’ll I’ll call her to come over to me, so we’ll see Come here come on olive Come here. Let’s go good girl very good girl, and of course. You know they’re puppies They’re not gonna get it on the first try or anything like that and it’s gonna take some practice But you should know or you should be training them So that when they hear the tone, they need to come find you they need to come back to you It’s just a good thing and then as they get older if you’re toning them, and they’re not listening. That’s when you use the shock Feature on this and you show me mean business so if you don’t come back on the tone you’re gonna get shocked It’s pretty much what you’re telling him and That’s what we’re gonna do with her now. She’s too young. I’m not gonna do the shock on her or anything yet? I want her to be older for that, but I’m just walking with her she does decent with commands Even as a young puppy, so she usually comes to me within the first or second oh Call Jesus man. It’s like a Marlin with this thing On the first or second call so her hearing the tone And then me calling is good training as you can see she’s really coping this out She’s really looking for stuff. She’s definitely a hunting dog guys But so far those things holding up in the rain No problem the one thing I’ve found that it’s kind of Suckee is when you go to wipe the screen you know from rain or something to see it It can move the map away from your location so that is Kind of bad, but all in all it’s it’s not It’s not a huge a huge problem Okay, guys. We are back from our little Aladeen with the alpha one hunter. Oh all of his not very happy We are back from using the Garmin Alpha 100 and the TT 15 GPS collar and All of honestly is not very happy right now, so I’m going to go ahead and put it down But all in all it was a really good Lesson for me. I had great experience using it I finally got around the settings and everything like that And I’m very happy with this product the one thing that is a little bit of an issue is what you do Wipe the screen in the rain most the time the match moves with your finger Not a huge deal like something to think about yes off on doing a video go away So We went ahead ran it through the dirt ran into mud Ran in the water this thing looks brand-spanking-new pretty much the Alpha 100 pretty much the same thing no problem Granted it was a pretty short trip, but all in all I’m very happy with it it tracked this really well The tones came up perfect. I was able to adjust everything. I’m so I’m very happy with the product So this is the first test of many. I hope you guys enjoyed and we’ll see you next time hey there

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4 Responses

  1. Aitor Navarro says:

    How long do batteries last with all day use??

  2. DBD510 says:

    Great vid. Just ordered one for my new gsp pup. Were in the bay area also, getting her ready for the season openers

  3. Kalon Johnson says:

    Is that the mini or the regular sized

  4. AMJR Live from Somewhere says:

    Is this $800?

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