George H.W. Bush’s Beloved Service Dog ‘Sully’ Has A Heartwarming New Mission

The relationships between dogs and Presidents
of the United States have always captivated and warmed the hearts of Americans. Now President George H.W. Bush’s service
dog is melting the hearts of people everywhere as he prepares for a new mission of service
to wounded soldiers. On Sunday, Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath
shared a powerful and iconic photograph clearly showing the loyalty Sully had to the 41st
president. The image showed Sully laying beside the coffin
covered in the American flag with the fitting caption:
“MISSION COMPLETE.” Sully was later seen by the former president’s
side at the U.S. Capitol. George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully sits
quietly by the former president’s side in the U.S. Capitol. Sully will stay with the family at least through
funeral services at the National Cathedral on Wednesday, before becoming a service dog
at Walter Reed. President Bush passed away surrounded by his
loving family Friday evening at 94 years old. Sully flew with Bush’s coffin to Washington,
D.C. The Labrador Retriever was named after an
airline pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, known for the “miracle on the Hudson”
emergency landing of a US Airways Airbus in 2009. Sullenberger commented about his namesake
on Twitter on December 3. My family and I have enjoyed working with
service dogs for over 30 years. It’s wonderful that now after serving President
George H.W. Bush, my namesake “Sully” will serve wounded service members at Walter ReedLater
this week, Sully returns to America’s VetDogs in Smithtown, New York where he will stay
for the holiday season. At 15 months old, Sully was taken to the VetDogs
prison puppy program, where inmates taught him the foundations of service dog training. Sully later honed his skills at the VetDogs
facility in Smithtown. Following his holiday visit in familiar surroundings,
the presidential service dog will take on his new duties at the Walter Reed National
Military Medical Center’s Facilities Dog Program in Maryland. The center recommended Sully as a perfect
match for Bush when the Labrador was 2-years-old. This beautiful, very good dog, is Sully. He’s transitioning to a new career at Walter
Reed, but stopped first at the @uscapitol⁩ for one last goodbye. #remembering41 ⁦@AmericasVetDogs⁩In his
new duties at Walter Reed, Sully will work with SGT Dillon and SGT Truman, two fellow
service dogs. The dogs will work with wounded soldiers and
active duty personnel while they undergo physical and occupational therapy at the Walter Reed
National Military Medical Center. According to PEOPLE, Sully will work with
soldiers who have suffered amputated limbs. “THROUGH RETRIEVAL, BRACING, AND INNOVATIVE
THEIR NEW PROSTHETIC LIMBS.” Sully provided invaluable service to President
Bush, helping him cope with life after the loss of his beloved wife, Barbara, in April. Now he serves other veterans who have risked
their lives for our country in combat. We don’t yet know who will have the honor
to be Sully’s next handler at Walter Reed. Follow Sully Bush’s Instagram account to
keep up with the latest updates on this famous and loyal service dog. One of his last posts showed Sully laying
beside President Bush as he voted in the midterm elections. Another post showed him helping with some
Christmas decorations.

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52 Responses

  1. says:

    what do you think?

  2. Big AL says:

    We don't deserve dogs or our heroes but I thank God for both.

  3. T Lowe says:

    Thank you for your service, Sully. You are my hero. 🐾

  4. Tracy Gibson says:

    Sully loved him rip💞💜🇺🇸

  5. rukuno nienu says:

    Dogs So faithful, always full of joy, always happy to see us.

  6. Pat Man says:

    Sully has more scene than those in congress. I am not joking!!

  7. myprophet1 says:

    So, he will be at Walter Reed Hospital?

  8. John Colin says:

    Well trained dog on Q

  9. Nommadd75 says:

    Would have liked the vid better without 'slick willy' mugging to the camera!

  10. Ludvik Martken says:

    Dogs are the best friends of mankind. I can not imagine living without my dear friend Jully, the female dog that I have been around for 2 years, since my dear friend Benny (my previous dog), passed away. They are the best friends you can have.

  11. Begum Raziuddin says:

    Sooo amazing how God has blessed these kind,loving,animals with so much emotion tears ran down my eyes seeing this beautiful clip hats off to you wonderful and faithful SALLY the late president's Bush dog .

  12. val macclinchy says:

    Dogs are the best..unconditional love!

  13. ballinacrossrose says:

    A very beautiful dog, i don't think these dogs are appreciated enough for the great work they do, Sully is a great name after a great man, Captain Sully.

  14. Mary Ellen Cook says:

    So glad that Sully will get to help out at Walter Reed Medical Center! I am sure that he will be showered with love by staff and vets alike, especially if they know that he was in the service of #41, President George H.W. Bush.

  15. Sean Ryan says:

    Seeing sully next to coffin broke my heart, and having labradors as part of my family for many years makes me feel so lucky at what amazing creatures they truly are. But then theres this idiot with his take piss narrative just ruining the moment. Theres a time and a place pal and its not now. So disrespectful.

  16. Ace Naraiki says:

    Why didn't the Bush family keep him???

  17. Lacy Hay says:

    It's sad to see Sully grieve over it's lost owner. Pets have emotions just like us. But Sully will move on and help others. And will be loved and spoiled in the process. Thank you for your service. God bless 💗

  18. Patricia Richards says:

    "Who's a good boy."

  19. Tami Koestomo says:

    God bless you, dear Sully.

  20. Cecilia Darko says:

    Beautiful story. ..

  21. John T says:

    That pup could teach our “human” Congressmen and women about devotion and principles!


    Finally Sully, getting to help deserving veterans of war…like the one's illegally started by the presidents' Bush. The Bush Family should buy all the disabled Middle Eastern vets a service dog. They made enough money off of us. Thank you for your service Sully.

  23. 37gdog says:

    Donate to American Vet Dogs or Battle Buddies, they help many people but it isn’t cheap.

  24. Nida Manalo says:

    Nice and cute dogs

  25. Tait Linn says:

    If only that puppy could talk. 9/11 would be uncovered

  26. CaptainToolong says:

    Dogs just want treats, thats all, its waiting till it gets a treat, its willing to wait a long time.

  27. Solid Will 313 says:

    Dw sully your better off with out him… your more human then he is

  28. Stan Mustard says:

    Bush didn't deserve that beautiful animal.

  29. Sugar Cream says:

    The poor DOG I h8 seeing dogs cry😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

  30. Nicole Normand says:

    I don't understand why Bush would get a service dog after the death of his wife but veterans who come back with PTSD don't get one.

  31. Warren Gauthier says:

    They should have shot the dog and buried it with Bush.

  32. Tee Be Me says:

    They have always said A DOG IS A MAN'S BESTFRIEND!!!

  33. Jeanette Kniebusch says:

    Do they realize that it is cruel to take the dog from his family hes gr ooh eving too!

  34. Jeanette Kniebusch says:

    His family is all hes got you shouldnt rip him from his family!Thoughtless

  35. Dylan Pippin says:

    It is so cool to see the dog doing what gw trained in to be a sevrice dog that so cool love it

  36. M Stephens says:

    I don’t find any humor in this.

  37. kess1968 says:

    This is a nice story about Sully, but is this guy for real? Does anyone really talk like that?

  38. Jennifer ODell says:


  39. Shujath Gionee says:

    At last, only a dog to accompany!

  40. La Silveira says:

    Aww. Such a sweet story about Sully! Good luck Sully and Thank you for your service 🙏🇺🇸❤

  41. Anne Delisle says:

    This commercials about impeachment of President Trump probably are mostly democrats who believing in promoting unethical and ungodly behavior. Our white house and united states treated with disrespect. President Trump is cleaning up the corruption before our country government collapse. There is so much evil but Trump is putting this country back on course. I believe President Trump is saving our country from total collapse and tyranny and evilness. There is so much witchcraft , human sacrifices , child trafficking, adult trafficking, treasonous acts. President Trump is doings something good try to build our country and win the confidence of the people. Before President Trump, the USA citizens don't trust politicians and people in high positions which means there is tyranny and moral fabric has become corrupted and promoting evil agenda. That is what I believe.

  42. Soifur Rahman says:

    Good ridence to a tyrant.

  43. Erlanda Williams says:

    I think that Sully will miss is DAD. I AM IN TEARS.

  44. Erlanda Williams says:


  45. Romans 8:11 says:

    This dog is the only honest, genuine, beautiful thing about this funeral, and indeed, about his owner’s life.

  46. Leighanne Smith says:

    I love this video and this story and I just love this dog.

  47. Cormarie Lamdagan says:

    Dogs are the most loyal & unselfish creature on earth that gives unconditonal love to mankind. If you scramble the letters Dog, it's has God's like traits….unconditional love & Sully is😊

  48. StormFront says:

    dads and dogs should live forever

  49. Tacy Geneau says:

    so cute dog

  50. BlackSpider4 UNIVERSE peace. says:

    Damm, he lived long

  51. A Blue says:

    Animals making miracles in people life .💛

  52. ShadowBlue Gd says:

    I’ve read the news and saw sully 😦

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