German Shepherd – A Dog’s Life (Meet Togo)

Hello, I’m Togo! I’m an 8-month-old, long-haired German Shepherd
puppy. I may be big, but I’m the most lovable fur
ball you’ll ever meet and today I’m going to give you a sneak peek at a day in a dog’s
life. Aside from loving my owners, my three biggest
passions in life are: shoes, socks, and stinky toes. Are you falling asleep to the smell of my
shoe? I like to steal shoes or dirty socks and bring
them to my bed but these are becoming harder to find. My family has started locking their shoes
in something called a closet because apparently I’ve destroyed a few pairs. I was just taking in the odours and memorising
everyone’s scent, but I guess I’ll just have to be a little sneakier stealing sneakers. Haha, get it? I’m a funny one too. (Squeaking noises from the ball) I love my toys, especially my green, squeaky
football and my tug-of-war rope. I spend a lot of time playing in the backyard,
and sometimes my family likes to confuse me by bringing all the toys out at once. I get so excited I don’t know what direction
to run in. Then, when they get tired I play alone for
a bit. Being a puppy is so much fun! Togo! Good boy. Woah! My human family has recently enrolled me in
puppy school, but I’m not sure why because I think I’m really well behaved. Time for puppy school. I know how to use the bathroom outside and
chewing on shoes is my only vice, but hey, it’s only for a few months so I guess I’ll
go along with it. When I’m not at puppy school I have to practice
tricks at home. I can respond to a few commands like: sit,
down, up, jump and high five, but this is no circus. If you’re not feeding me, I’m not doing
anything. A dog’s got to have standards! Togo is this how you sleep? I’m technically not allowed on my owner’s
bed, but when Audrey visits, she takes me in and we dive into the blankets. We have to make sure mom’s not watching,
but it’s so much fun. I’ve lucked out in the food department because
my family likes to prepare home cooked meals. I eat sweet potatoes, rice, beef, carrots,
and the menu is always changing. Having a personal chef beats eating kibbles
out of a bag. Well, that’s it for me. I hope you enjoyed seeing a day in the life
of a German Shepherd. Now I’m off to have a nap. Show biz is tiring!

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67 Responses

  1. Lynn Moore says:

    Very nice looking shepherd puppy! My Grandpa & mom were both huge dog lovers & I think that's where I inherited it from! That's the one thing I miss with my disabilities not being able to properly care for & enjoy many activities I feel a must to owning dog! Thanks for sharing & Togo is a very beautiful dog & can see a very loving pet for the family to enjoy many great moments with! Take & see you in the next one!

  2. Kenneth Ho says:

    does he shed alot? Btw , missing my Labrador watching this , 14 y/o went to doggy heaven last month =')

  3. ChantelWasHere says:

    Togo is SOOOO CUTEEEEE! and I agree that he looks HUGE for an 8 month puppy. I think the large amount of hair doesn't help him look young. LOL

  4. Mint3y Br3ath says:

    Omg your families have the best pets!

  5. jacque line says:

    "i have to be a little sneakier stealing sneakers"- my god, i love this video

  6. katiinablue says:

    hola bonito vídeo saludos también hago vídeo ojalá puedas pasarte a mi canal

  7. JÖYの貓 says:

    Did Togo just wink??? Cute dog!!!!

  8. Sakeena Jamil says:

    omg my dog name is also togo that's amazing haha😀😁☺💗

  9. Sandeep Sehmi says:

    what an adorable puppy, great video.

  10. Andrea Galindez says:

    Awwww Togo es hermoso <3

  11. Mary Sevi says:

    Togo is so cute! I really want to travel but I feel bad leaving my two dogs for a long term. Any recommendations?

  12. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    This fellow looks like Wolverine and bit of Jack Nicolson for me… When he bits his shoe…

    Seem like a military dog kind of training by your dad AUDI…Love his hair style than the last South American BBQ video… Dears

  13. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    Please serve him biryani and our local breed for guarding in home is a veggie and they serve him yellow egg yolk..

  14. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    I love Beagle, Fox hound, German Shepherd, Great Dane , Pomeranian and Dash to be frank.. Firstly as a loving Dog person.. Dears..

  15. Gisella Macedo Chang says:

    Adorable! 💖
    My doggies (3) were veggies and they lived happy, long (17 years old) healthy lives! They ate egg whites too.

  16. Shelley's Cloud says:

    Aaaah! I'm so pleased you made this! He is such a beauty! So handsome. And I love the determined but gentle wee twinkle in his eyes! You're very lucky to get to play with and cuddle him!! Yay for dogs!! DOUBLE YAY FOR BIG DOGS!!!!

  17. Sandy Schaffer says:

    omg loved the video. toga is such a beautiful baby. lol I loved when he had all the shoes and socks. when your dad had the rope and toga jumped in the air to get it you can see the power and strength that he has
    lol I think the family is gonna have their hands full with this one.

  18. megan smith says:

    That was too cute!!

  19. Harsh Vardhan says:

    Lots of Love!!!

  20. Jimmy Lin says:

    Since you guys are back in Canada, how about doing videos on local foods there ? ☺

  21. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    SHOE COLLECTORS beware… German SHeperd used in MILITARY- Working group… they are like wolfs when they snatch… POWERFUL JAWS dears…

  22. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    My South Indian Tamil TV Anchor traveller and food a VJ- Rakesh Raghunanth aka RAKS aka RR –

  23. Anita Westerveld says:


  24. Denise Gale says:

    Aw I love German shepherds we used to have one when I was a kid, I have a beagle now and she is trouble with a capital T! But she is also very sweet😀

  25. Peter Kelly says:

    You got me … dog lover also

  26. sakurasoh says:

    Aww… he is so cute…

  27. Noob Noob says:

    make him howl please

  28. Shep Squad says:

    Togo is a beautiful dog. Great vid!

  29. Solange Rizon says:

    Uhh how can I like TIMES 100??! Loved this video.. added it to my Favorites list! Hope everything is going great at home!

  30. c b says:

    Dude. Guys, dogs don't talk. Period.

  31. Silomroad HollandAsianVibe says:

    like. 👍🏻

  32. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    watched this video 10 times today

  33. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    Togo vs Sam's video making …Best 2017 pet video… perfect music…reduce the music volume Dears

  34. DG Tudo says:

    Hello! Very good your channel… And your video too!!
    Congratulations! It deserves every success!
    Your culture and language enchant me!
    When you have time, visit my channel !! Please!!
    Thanks! Success! Hugs.

  35. ambidex0 says:

    Everybody, just like the cat video, this isn't really the dog talking. Sam is giving the dog a 'voice' via a voiceover.

  36. D. K T says:

    big dogs make me scared 😖

  37. Cris Yorke says:

    AWW, so cute!! Funny commentrator btw Sam! ;-P

  38. Asan Zindagi says:


  39. Valentín Alvarez says:

    Ojala vuelvan a Argentina

  40. Richard Parker says:

    Great madevideo and a handsome German Shepherd 👍

  41. Tonya Rearick says:

    I love Togo!

  42. Tonya Rearick says:

    who is voices togo

  43. countroshculla says:

    What a big sweet dog.

  44. manullim says:

    How lovely and playful….

  45. Charles Williamson says:


  46. Tonya Rearick says:

    can i keep togo

  47. Darcy Marie Druck Tcb says:

    Awww so cute! 🐶❤

  48. imani GB says:

    Please do more videos with him!!

  49. Tonya Rearick says:

    I hate it

  50. Tonya Rearick says:

    where do u live

  51. chubachuxhu says:

    I love togo!!!!

  52. Sam Tani says:

    Only 8 month? WOW! He's handsome. I've an 7 months puppy girl medium fur GSD. She's my princess.

  53. Roaming Around says:

    What does Togo mean? He´s a cute dog!

  54. chicagosun says:

    LOL!!! Omg Im dying! Great job Sam for voicing Togo's brain.

  55. MoppieDun says:

    This is so cute. Hopefully there is more to come.. Love the narratives too

  56. Effie Colida says:

    I had a german shepherd for 12 years so I love Togo they are great family members and Loyal

  57. Wilde Vienna Feldhamster says:

    That homemade food is so healthy and if pet gets sick easy to do blender version to help eat by nursing with food syringe. I liked Dinovite supplement and taurine is real important for heart and eyes. Chicken fat important too <3

  58. Neal Americana says:


  59. innocent acolatse says:

    Don't you have a puppy

  60. Garundi P. McGrundy says:

    That football makes a "HeeeHeeeHeee…" sound. No stating the obvious here.

  61. Soufi Soufi2 says:

    oh le beau chien …follement adorable 😘😘😘😘

  62. Effie Colida says:

    Love Togo

  63. Comfy Sunday Fan says:

    I feel like I need a service dog and I've done tons of research I think this is the 1

  64. Laura Loccisano says:

    What breeder did you get Togo from???

  65. Andrea Albarenque says:

    😍 Amo a Togo 😍

  66. doina dragomir says:

    he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

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