German Shepherd and other canines in Flames Painted Leather Dog Harness

For dogs with power burning inside. A harness created to impress. Special paint won’t peel off or fade for a very long time. The painting is made by hand, so each harness is a unique item. It is an extra durable model, which may be used for attack training, visiting public places and walking powerful dogs in style. There is a wide padded chest strap for great load distribution. Felt padded front straps and back plate for protection from fur damaging and rubbing. Comfy handle on the back for fast grip possibility. Wide adjustable straps for snug and comfy fit. We use only genuine full grain leather. The hardware is durable and made of nickel plated steel. Quick release buckle will make it easier to put the harness on and to take it off. Strength and beauty of your dog deserve to be emphasized.

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2 Responses

  1. Eugenia Gordeeva says:

    gorgeous dogs))

  2. David Roberts says:

    I have a lot of equipment such as full attack suit, electronic training collars with 2 remotes. Lot's of other equipment available. I don't know where your located but I also have 4 large dog House's with shingled roofs.

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