German Shepherd and other dogs training with Professional Bite Sleeve

Practicable and durable bite sleeve is a reliable tool for experienced dog trainer. This model is distinguished with its light weight and over-stability. It is made of safe and hypoallergenic materials according to global standards and requirements of professional dog trainers and handlers. This model is designed to protect shoulder and hand. It is fitted with inside padded hard handle and outside round handle, which provide you with better control while training your dog. The bite sleeve is duly stitched. Plastic shoulder protector is removable and can be ordered separately, if required. The jute cover for this bite sleeve is replaceable. Note, that this model should be used ONLY with a cover if you want it to serve your pet longer. This light weight bite sleeve is recommended for training young and adult dogs. With this professional training tool you can develop attack skills of your canine, teach him to control the biting force and build full mouth proper angle bite foundation. It is perfect for pre contest preparation and police or military dog training.

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5 Responses

  1. Kate Kalmuk says:

    Super strong bite sleeves is a must-have!

  2. Stacie Mar says:

    Now that's how large dogs should be trained. Good job guys! Nice gear 😉

  3. Екатерина Статева says:

    This bite sleeve is really perfect! My baby succeed in training every day!

  4. Eugenia Gordeeva says:

    both dogs and trainers are amazing)) this is the way how professionals work!

  5. Nick F says:

    That shepherd has a hell of a bite. Full mouth.

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