German Shepherd Club training Collar

oh Hey rex. We just come back from that German Shepherd Club we’ve been doing a bit of training this morning, and I just want to show you what we what we use at the German Shepherd Club When we’re training? planing jobs at the German Shepherd Club this is the type of And just trying to get the camera – this is the title holla we use when training down there is commendatory more or less because They’re trying to stop all the cheating that goes on around the German shepherd clubs in Europe that this type of chain is what they like to see everybody have kind of Editorial thing it’s not a choker although it can access a choke up. I never do I’ll show you how I use it Let’s do it you pop it through one of our holes like so so you can get it so we can see that and you pull it pull it through and It’s like that and you see that’s where it becomes a choker Right so that what we do is just always place to get it just slightly bigger than your dog’s head, so it goes over and then you put it like so and Then you take your lead Like so so go through both of them And then you don’t have a toke up. It’s just a normal Fleet that’s what we use for dog training I don’t put it off rex to show you Okay See it goes on like so and it can acts acts as a choke up, but we never do that what we do is we put that round Sort like so lyrics and We Double double hook it as you can see my dog bank area. He’s got dog lead on or not And you can see that doesn’t actors are choking And that’s what people like to see At the German Shepherd club when training your dog is a collar like this it doesn’t choke your dog so you can double wrap it all right, so Now this I only use down the German shepherd Club and this is what we have on the reason we have this on this to stop the cheating that goes on with prawn collars and with Would you call it ecollege? Around the Europe the type of collar here, so that what we call the training collar So it’s never on choke mode to as double wrapped in see now. It’s on choke mode But will you do is you keep fit two fingers Pi you pull it over like so and You put your lead into that bit like I showed you before and then it don’t act as a choke collar This erectus doesn’t care about having dog collars on There’s a good fellow and that’s the type of these I use when training at the German Shepherd Club a liver Lead They have to be strong Especially if we’re doing what with what is known as group C training? Which is a type it’s a protection training what we teach dogs This one is only and for Two walking your dog off to get your dog to walk heel That’s the type of one I use I Don’t always use a Flexi line. I’ll do that when I’m out in the woods there’s a It’s a beautiful collar Lead I’m sorry felishj you can attach things to it. You can attach that to your dog training deck it what I always have on So I’ve I’ve got more leads on but that’s what we use It’s not a choker. It’s to something we use at the German Shepherd Club to stop cheating with different types of collars Okay, I hope that it helps everybody I’ve had a couple of questions about that again from a couple of my personal friends That’s what we use We don’t put it in choke mode. We just pop it around like so And then hook it into that into one of these chains Chains so don’t become a choke collar all right Rex No time for a break now, and it mate. There’s no anymore in bit training for him Thanks for watching have a great weekend. Bye

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