German Shepherd – Complete Dog Breed Information

German Shepherd Dog Breed Guide German Shepherd is the most popular dog breed in America. Third most intelligent dog, according to experts. German Shepherd – Size & Weight Female: 22-24 Inches. Male:24-26 inches. German Shepherd Weight->Female:50-70 lbs Male :65-90 lbs German Shepherd Lifespan: 7 – 10 Years German Shepherd Temperament: Fearless, Loyal, Bright, Gentle to Known Persons, Steadfast guardians, Courageous, Confident. How to train a German Shepherd? Do not nag your dog at any cost & avoid shouting. Help socialize with other pets. Say “NO” to bad behavior then and there. Try short training sessions. Feeding a German Shepherd. Select food brands that contain 5%-8% fat and 22% protein. Try 4 small meals a day. German Shepherd Health Problems Bloat, Hemophilia A, Diabetes Mellitus, Hip Dysplasia. German Shepherd Feeding Chart German Shepherd Price: $500-$1500 USD

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