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hi everybody my name is Debbie ray and i’m the owner of total german shepherd calm and now so total german shepherd dotnet and today i’d like to take a couple of minutes to share some information with you I have some important facts for German Shepherd lovers all over the world some this is trivia some ova dissing some tidbits some facts but some things you might find interesting so here we go first of all when you compare the german shepherd greek too many others you know like the greyhound or whatever but it’s a fairly recent breed having been developed almost entirely in the very early nineteen hundreds and here you see the father of the german shepherd breed his name is at captain max von sniffing it’s and he was a german cavalry officer and the first german shepherd to be registered was a dog named horned and here you see a picture of him the german shepherd was also the first dog to actually be chosen as a working guide dog and here you see a picture of her her name is buddy this is her and her handler and mr. Morris Frank and they became the first thing I dog team are our buddy became the first thing I dog i should say in 1928 in the first german shepherd to actually believed to been you know seen upon north american shores was in 1906 the first dog to actually be exhibited as far as the german shepherd was concerned was in 1907 and the first german shepherd dog to actually be registered with the German with the excuse me but akc was in 1908 and today’s german shepherd dog is a fantastic companion dog they’re also one of the dogs is most often chosen as a working dog by various military or police agencies all over the world and they excel in almost any kind of training you can use them for hurting you can use them for I say companion dog for someone with a disability they can do drug and bomb detection they do some work they can do hurting agility flyball police work whatever you name it the german shepherd dog can do it and here you see a picture of a dog that you may never heard it before his name is Nemo he was the first kind of dog hero to return from the Vietnam War in fact he was officially retired from active service in this again his name is Nemo in the German Shepherd according to individual litter registrations as well as individual dog registrations it’s one of the most popular numerous dog breeds in the world the average litter size is eight puppies and there are several dull colors on coke patterns that are associated with the German Shepherd and here you see a few of them you love them see black and red black and tan black and silver black and cream solid black you also see solid white overall they’re considered a confirmation just qualification as far as I it being in the dog show ring but there are so white German Shepherds also see occasionally liver color which is very rare and also considered a confirmation file they look almost reddish in color and there’s also blue and this is also rare and instead of black the dog actually looks more of a blue or a faded out grey color the height of a german shepherd dog typically for a male 24 26 inches for a female about a little bit shorter 22 to 24 inches the weight for a male around 80 to 95 pounds in most cases and for female 72 around 80 85 pounds the German Shepherd according to this author of the book the intelligence of dogs has been ranked the third most intelligent dog breed of all the basic requirements you need to actually have a German Shepherd if you want one or if you’re thinking of eating one and these are very basic first thing these dogs still require daily exercise so you can’t just get one and stick it in your house or stick it out in a pen or whatever or just let it run loose like this I just won’t work these dogs didn’t need daily exercise but then again you don’t want to allow them to run free you don’t want to confine them to a kindle and just leave them there all the time you want to actually get these dogs out and exercise with them and and play with them and and train with them or whatever and have a good time you want to make these dogs a member of your family they do need training and this is a very very important part of owning a german shepherd dog and i can’t stress this enough if you get one you want to actually do as much training as you can but whether it be doing agility work or doing flyball or doing obedience work or whatever you want to train this dog the more you train it the stronger bonds you’re going to have between you and the dog and also the more exercise and physically you know and mentally as well this is going to provide the dog it’s going to make it a much happier animal for you and your family if you’d like to learn more about the German Shepherd please visit either one of my sites total dash German Shepherd net and now I have a book if you’d like to learn more about the dog so visit again that’s total dash german shepherd dotnet to read more information about the book that I’ve written or you can go to my other website total dash German Shepherd calm and this is a website dedicated to nothing but the German Shepherd offering you all sorts of information and advice on owning a dog and that sort of thing if you’re really interested in the German Shepherd please visit either one of these sites I hope you’ve enjoyed this information and have a good day

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