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hi everybody my name is Debbie ray and I’m the owner of total dash german and also total dash german dash Shepherd net and today I’d like to take some time to talk with you a little bit about how exactly to choose the German Shepherd puppy first of all I want to let you know that you know actually choose some german shepherd puppy doesn’t have to be that hard if you do your homework ahead of time so what do you need to do first before you bring that little bundle of energy home well one of the very first things you need to do she need to plan ahead you need to think about you know your needs the puppy’s needs and you know just doing everything you can to make both of those work out together you know it’s seamlessly as possible you want to make sure that you you know check with your vet you know make sure that you kind of got that lined up ahead of time so you know bringing your puppy to the the new fan or whatever getting your home ready for getting all the supplies you’re going to need and all the sort of stuff and just doing your research ahead of time just to make sure that this is indeed the breed for you the next thing you want to do is you want to evaluate your needs and you want to be really truthful about this so if you were someone who’s who works a lot of hours you’re only home on the weekends or maybe at night you know are you a person who is at home a lot you work at home or maybe you’re a retiree or or maybe you’re you know you work a part-time job or whatever in your home a good bit of the day or maybe you’re a work at home mom or you just you know a mom or your dad whoever who two stays at home and takes care of the kids or whatever you want to really think about all these things because your puppy’s going to require a lot of time and effort and you want to make sure that you can provide that for it and the next thing you want to do you want to make sure that you puppy-proof now if you have any kind of toxic chemicals if you have any kind of little knickknacks or any you know on your coffee table or on your shelves or whatever if you have any kind of cords that aren’t covered up basically anything from knee level down think about think about it that way to start if you have something that that you don’t want to get broken or got into you know put it out of the way or put it up because your puppy will find it and will check it out and you know it’s probably gonna end up in that mouth so just make sure that you do your puppy proofing very thoroughly and ahead of time and you should have no problems now the next thing you want to think about you know where exactly are the best places to find a German Shepherd well first of all if I were you the first place I would check out would be your local humane society now there are all sorts of animals there that need a new friendly home and a good home to take care of them the rest of their lives so you may find a purebred that has been left there for some particular reason or you may find a mixed breed but always the very first place I would check with if I were you I would go to your local humane society and see what they have to offer and the next thing i’ll do i would also check out any kind of local german shepherd rescue organization that’s in your area and if you don’t think you have one you know get on your computer go to google or your favorite search engine and type in german shepherd rescue plus whatever they may your state is and you’ll find a lot of ones that may be in your area or maybe one setter you know within driving distance but go to them check out their websites contact them email oh and call them on the phone you know see what they have to offer cus a lot of times they’ll have adult dogs they may have senior dogs they may have younger dogs and then they may have puppies as well but this is always a very good place to check if you’re looking for a new companion to bring to your home in the next place i’ll check i would always check out reputable breeders if you’re looking for a german shepherd puppy you can always go check out reputable breeders in your area get information from them you know get references from them check out your references and just you know go to their websites visit their can also if you know if they’ll let you and just check it all you can’t about them and then this is always a very good place to start so what exactly should I look for in a breeder if I decide to go this route well the first thing I would do is I would tell you just to do all your research ahead of time if you find a breeder and they do have puppies and in there you know in your area you know ask them a lot of questions email them call them on the phone if they’ll let you come visit them once the puppies get old enough for visits they’ll visit them several times and ask them for references you know get information from them and just just do all your research because the more you ahead of time now the better off you’re going to be down the road so ask these people you know I see speeders get references from a reputable breeder just won’t mind in fact they’ll be expecting this and get those references take them home check them out call the people that are bought puppies from this breeder in the past ask them questions what did they like about the breeder what did they not like about the breeder you know how much have they enjoyed their puppy you know did they have any problems with their puppy you know during the purchase process or maybe they’re after but get a lot of information from these people and this will really help you decide just exactly what kind of breeder you’re dealing with the next thing you want to make sure that you’re dealing with someone who’s just not in it for the money and this is pretty easy to tell and you kind of get a feel for it especially if you contact several several so-called breeders if you deal with someone and they’re trying to give you a deal or if you know they’ve cut the prices or this or that or whatever or you know you just really get a feel that they’re in it for the money and they’re not in it for the puppy then you need to go to some someone else and I really wouldn’t deal with them if I were you and what should I expect from the German Shepherd breeder once I choose one well first of all for a registered puppy well you want to get those registration papers you want to make sure that the breeder has filled them out or if they haven’t filled them at least they walk you through it on what you need to do in order to send them in and get the puppy registered and just make sure that you have all this information ahead of time you know make sure before you leave that you’re very clear on what to do with the registration papers and what kind of process you need to follow through after you get the puppy home with concerning these papers the next thing that’s the operator offer any kind of guarantees health guarantees or anything like that just you know ask all these questions ahead of time and this will save a lot of problems down the road and one of the most important things you want to make sure you know you expect the puppy to have shots and warming’s but you want to make sure you find out exactly how many shots they’ve had and what kind and then when you also want to make sure how many warnings they’ve had and if so again you know when do they have them what were the dates you want to get all this information and writing so that you can take it to your vet when you take your puppy to the vet for the first time you always want to make sure if it’s gone to the vet you know with the breeder get information about that what was the visit about what happened you know what were the results of this visit so get all this information up front what else should I expect from the breeder well you also want to make sure that you get a chance to see you know any litter mates that may be present when you go check out the puppy you want to see if there’s any siblings from past litters you want to see both the parents you want to see any other kind of relatives be it you know aunts and uncles or cousins or whatever the more more animals you see from this bloodline will you go see that puppy the better off you’ll be cuz you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your dog when it’s an adult so what should I look for in the German Shepherd puppy itself first of all you want to make sure that the puppy is a proper weight you don’t want this super super heavy then again you don’t want this really really skinny so you want this just the right weight you also want to make sure that your puppy is clean but it’s you know not smelly but it’s in clean surroundings you know there’s not poop everywhere or whatever that it’s in a good home situation as far as the kennel goes but it has a very good hair coach and there’s no bald patches or anything like that but it’s not itching and scratching because it’s got fleas or whatever you just want to make sure that it’s just overall just a healthy looking puppy there’s not a lot of junk in their eyes their nose isn’t runny you know there’s nothing coming out of the rear you know anything mushy or whatever you just want to make sure that the puppy just looks like it’s in good health next you want to make sure that your puppy is very playful you want to make sure that it’s socialized as far so you know it’s interested in coming to see you it’s not scared it’s not frightened it’s just very active you know it’s just as happy to come see us it is to go play with this litter mates but you just want to make sure that the puppy seems just like a healthy dog overall so what else should I be aware of if I’m interested in getting a new German Shepherd puppy well first of all the German Shepherd just like any other purebred dog breed they suffer from many and heritable diseases so just be aware of this also these dogs require a lot of socialization they’re very intelligent dogs they need a job to do they’re not just something you bring home and stick out in a kennel around your backyard or whatever not ever do anything else with them and then you expect to have a good situation that just won’t work these stocks require a lot of socialization so get them out with you take them you know on car rides take them to different stores get them out to meet your friends and neighbors and your family members you know if you go to school take them to school with you just do all you can to get them out in different situations as possible and they’ll have a more calm and a more confident dog and a better dog down the if you’d like to learn more about the german shepherd puppy i have written a book recently called your german your total german shepherd dog and it does have one really large section and then about nothing but the german shepherd puppy the development of the puppy throughout its first year of life health issues and all sorts of stuff like that and you can you can check that out at total dash german shepherd net or if you’d like you to knuckles also go to my other web site total dash german de and there you can see all sorts of videos you can watch you can watch videos you can you know read about health articles you can you know sign up for the newsletter if you’d like and there’s just a lot of information there about german shepherd puppies older german shepherd issues health training historical data just just a little bit of everything there but i hope you learned something new today if you’re interested in looking for a german shepherd puppy of your own and i hope these tips have helped you and if you have any questions or anything please please feel free to visit my web sites at any time again that’s total that’s german shepherd dog net or total dash german shepherd calm thank you very much and have a good day

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