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hi everybody my name is Debbie ray and I’m the owner of turtle – German – Shepherd net and also total dash german de and today I’d like to share some information with you some trivia some facts and mostly some German Shepherd dog tips so let’s get started first of all just so you’ll know the German Shepherd spend on by several different names over the years I don’t you get confused so if you happen to hear German Shepherd dog which is the literal translation of its German name if you also hear German Shepherd you may hear GSD which is short for German Shepherd dog you may even hear Alsatian or Alsatian wolf dog so if you see or if you hear any of these names just make sure that you know they all refer to the same animal the German Shepherd dog now the German Shepherd when you think about it relatively speaking compared to you know all the many other dog breeds in the world these are really a relatively recent dog having been developed almost entirely in the 1900s now the founder of the German Shepherd Dog is a gentleman named captain max von Stefan it’s who was a German Calvary officer the first German Shepherd to actually ever been registered was a dog named Horned in the hue see a picture on the screen later on in the early 1920s the very first German Shepherd k9 silent film star was a dog named strong heart and he starred in a lot of films at that time and even after him there became another dog named German German Shepherd named rin-ten-ten now this this dog is kind of a family of dogs that are all named Rin Tin Tin but on the screen you see a picture of the original Rin Tin Tin was the best-known German Shepherd to ever starring in E the movies and in the 1920s and 30s he starred in a lot of films now the first german shepherd dog to ever be a working excuse me the first dog to ever be a working guide dog with a German Shepherd named Buddy and here on the screen you see a picture of Buddy working with her handler mr. Morse Frank back in the early 20s the German Shepherds have have done a little bit of everything in their time and they have served a lot in military skirmishes and in various Wars and they’ve served all kinds of roles throughout that is you know Red Cross dogs or our sentinels or guard dogs or bomb detecting dogs or you name it the German Shepherd has has done a lot of DD and various military actions throughout the years and today the Dutch German Shepherd dog is also considered one of the most versatile dog breeds in existence they can do it all be it you know working son doing police work you know just being your friend playing out in the beach having a good time being a very active natural companion they’re also just you know beautiful puppies they’re just great companions they’re also excellent athletes they love to swim they like to run play you know agility obedience you name it and they’re also very good friends even to other family members in your household or other pets you know songs are socialized to them early on but if you’d like to learn more about the german shepherd please visit my websites total dash german i’m there’s a book I’ve written about nothing but the german shepherd at total dash german shepherd net and you can access information about that there and I hope you’ve enjoyed this information in just a few short tidbits you know trivia that’s it’s often quite interesting for people who don’t know a lot about the breed if you have any questions please feel free to visit my websites to learn more I hope you’ve enjoyed this information and have a good day

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  1. TwilightZeaux says:

    You wrote it to show the world that you need a new keyboard. Your S and D keys are sticking. The same thing happened to me several years ago when I spilled coke on my keyboard, only a few keys worked and I had to spend an hour doing endless cut and pastes just to send a message to someone on icq that I spilled coke on my keyboard and nothing worked.

    Either that or you're crying out for attention. You got everyone's attention. Very nice vid by the way, Debbie. 🙂

  2. teewoods says:

    I prefer calling it Alsatian

  3. PrimeProductionsULTD says:

    What a co-incidence! So is mine! 🙂

  4. PrimeProductionsULTD says:

    My neighbor has some of those tiney things and I hate them. They always yap yap yap with that annoying high pitched bark and never shut up.

  5. Alex Newman says:

    2:58 looks like my dog floppy ears 🙂 my dog is seven and shes so cute she has arthritis. 🙁 well i love her anyway

  6. Peter Jorgensen says:

    ya and he killed it with sionide

  7. ZawShwa says:

    and himself…and ava braun
    o and i am not trying to be rude but its cyanide

  8. Katie Dillman says:

    thanks for the vid! interesting info!

  9. scholaptitude says:

    good info but nothing to do with tips

  10. Serine888 says:

    Thanks for the info =)

  11. Dimescream says:

    Are you serious?

  12. Peter Jorgensen says:


  13. DPS says:

    facts or tips ???

  14. ابو يوسف الوهامي says:

    that a dog hestory where is the tips ????

  15. jkirk1626 says:

    Great vid. Thanks.

  16. davidgcalderone says:

    Love to swim, none of my German Shepherd Dogs liked the water, one would even go out of her way not to get her feet wet. I swear, one could go out in the rain to relieve herself and come back into the house dry!

  17. FilmerOfBobcats says:

    They are amazing. When I worked at Brook's Air Force Base in San Antonio they gave an agility demonstration using a 14 yr old female! This was protection/military dog agility, not the sport of agility. She had to scale a vertical 6 foot wall.

  18. Red iKnight says:


  19. Red iKnight says:


  20. zZIvendettaIZz says:

    mine is part woolf part germansheperd

  21. dwight coppieters says:

    my german shepherd is scared of water (but she likes to bite in water ), scared of stairs . :s

  22. Arjun Dave says:

    "You're about to learn things that most people will never know about the GSD." – unless they have google?

  23. Jonathan Snell says:

    is it really necessary to read the slides? same thing in the other videos

  24. jaytok7 says:

    no tips in ur video..u need to change ur title something more like "history of GSD"

  25. Anar Chy says:

    well .. its not true at all .. i give mine 1 hour a day , but he's always out side ! … so fuck you 4hrs a day … need to work man

  26. Richard Gerber says:

    I really like this video I had a German Shepard named Dan & boy could her jump if you get chance please watch Dan superdog I think you will enjoy it.

  27. NursesRockk says:

    Here's one – Be Respectful!!

  28. NursesRockk says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Total German Shepherd!!! Great info!

  29. NursesRockk says:

    That's a great title! Good suggestion!

  30. NursesRockk says:

    ha ha!! Love that name!

  31. NursesRockk says:

    Very True, we had the convenience of living on a farm, but most peeps today have to work monday through friday type thing…that's when we have the neighbor/friend/fellow dog walker. Same thing with kids, trade day/doggie care…

  32. Maria Esparza says:

    I have one already his a boy brown and black I want a white gsd girl would my six month old puppy flip out ?

  33. Joe James says:


  34. Ramy hamed says:

    Where is the tips ?

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