German Shepherd Dogs – General Characteristics

Welcome to Cognisant Zone! Today’s topic is about German Shepherd Dogs. I’m gonna talk about the general characteristics of German Shepherd Dogs. So, let’s get started. German Shepherd Dogs are the most popular and most preferred dog varities in the world. They are very friendly and protective for the family; especially for the kids, and very suitable for further training. Anatomic Structure This dog variety loves colder climates. It’s better to keep it in relatively colder cities. In hot weathers, German Shepherd Dogs breath exessively with their tongues out meaning that they need water intake immediately. German Shepherd Dogs can be with long hair and short hair. Their hair structure does not affect their personality. But the ones with long hair may have additional difficulty in dealing with hot weathers. In addition, they may require more combing and additional care. The most preferred dogs of this type is the one with short hair. It’s better to keep it in the garden because of its long hair characteristics and body smell along with their needs for open environment for running and playing. German Shepherd Dogs can be in black color along with its classic color. The black ones carry all the anatomic characteristics of classic shepherd dogs. Classic color of German Shepherds becomes more valuable if the red hair is darker. It’s Expectation From the Owner The most important thing a German Shepherd Dog will expect from its owner is to share time with itself. It expects from the owner to play, run, exercise, walk with it on a daily basis. Indeed, this expectation is valid for all dog varieties but since these dogs dependence to owner is much higher, the time it spends together with the owner has a much higher place for this dog variety. If the owner does not have time to spend with it it becomes very unhappy. Character Traits German Shepherd Dogs intelligence and trainability is much higher than the other dog varieties. They have the best relationships with the family they live together because of their very good balanced character. These dogs have high levels of protection instinct. They are very loyal to the family, very loving, possessive and non-destructive for the kids. These balanced characters make it the most preferred dog varities for the families with children Character Differences They may have protective and social characters Protective ones are very mean stake and ready to attack while social ones are very soft in dealing with for example strangers approaching to house. If you want to own a German Shepherd Dog, for protective purposes, then you should own one with protective character predominantly. On the other hand, if you do not seek protection then you own a more social and friendly character. No matter social or protective, You’ll amazed with the intelligence and loyalty of German Shepherd Dogs. and love it back. And get endless supply of positive energy from it during your relationship. If you are interested in more resources about dog training, I recommend you Digital Front Website where you can search and download many great resources on dog training and pets in general online. You can find the link of the website below. See you soon on another video. Thanks for listening, sharing, commenting and subscribing. Bye for now.

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