German Shepherd eats supper/Owczarek Niemiecki je kolacje

What will you say Major? A dinner I should rather say Supper? Let’s go It’s only after 4PM Laser eyes Do you feel, how good it is? Do you feel? You have water, have food Enjoy your meal! Good? Do you enjoy it? Sure you do You are hungry, what? Eat, eat, I go eat too After work dinner must be Shiny Major’s fur Fluffy Major’s tail A hungry Major Thumbs up for hungry Major & see you next time Later

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18 Responses

  1. Xod Gamer says:

    More than 800 SUBS!

  2. Xod Gamer says:

    Just so if you did not know, some dogs don’t want anyone near there food, as i said Major might let you be near hes food but just sp you know! So if he ”rufs” om you when he is near his food, he is not aggressiv!

  3. Jurek Morawik says:

    Dajesz mu jedzenie gotowane czy surowe .

  4. Agnieszka says:

    mniam mlask ale PYSZNOSCI ??

  5. Lusia The Bunny says:


  6. Aris moja przyjaciółka Owczarek niemiecki says:


  7. dzik rydzik says:

    Major lubi to jeść

  8. Janet Harned says:

    Have a good dinner, Major! You are so beautiful, and sending love from N.J., USA! Have a great Thanksgiving you beautiful boy!!

  9. 1970apollo says:

    główka Majorka nie boli po imprezce?

  10. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    Lukas, why are you wake up 4 in the morning? Are you going to work?

  11. German Shepherd Kaylon And łobuz Mailo says:

    mięsko. ??

  12. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    A,ok I saw Dark sky And I didn't notice the P.M..

  13. Przemek Filak says:

    U was padał śnieg ?

  14. Coleen F says:

    Good boy Major eats is meal so nice. ?

  15. 日本スピッツjapanesespitzレモン says:


  16. Aditya Badami says:

    Yum yum yum ?

  17. Kapi Kobtra says:

    Ppwiedz majorowi smacznego od Widza ok 🙂

  18. Agnieszka says:


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