German Shepherd Facts – GSD Facts

German Shepherd Facts shepard dot net and also told this german de shepard dot
com today i’d like to take a look and share some information with you about the german shepherd dog in the sir kids since then tidbits trickier whatever that your shipper lovers everywhere will
probably be very interested in learning so first of all when you think about the
german shepherd break overall this is a fairly recent break
when you think about the history of dogs overall these stocks have been developed
almost entirely in the nineteen hundreds and the father of the german shepherd
dog break was a gentleman called makes fun stepped in it and this jim and i love you and he was a
german kaveri officer now the first german shepherd dog to
actually be registered was a dog nam main point and there on screen to see a picture of
him and first jimmy shepard actually
believed to have said his part-time north america source at the nineteen oh
six and the first got to actually be
exhibited in north america writing america was in nineteen oh seven and the first time a shepherd to
actually richard with a casey was in nineteen oh eight the stocks also served and various ways throughout the war
civil war one and one or two and england in nineteen seventeen the german shepherd brecon name was
actually changed to that of the l sanction and the german shepherd dog strong heart
became one of the first canines house stars by the silent film stars and this is like in the uh… nineteen
twenty one and the greatest cain and film star of
our time rin tin tin came from germany in world war one
whereas an american soldier namely that confound him in his sister any
boundaries dog can all hung back in the early nineteen twenties and the german shepherd was also the first dot break to be
trained as a working dot dot in here you see a picture on the screen
of a dog named bernie as she was the first thing i dog in
nineteen twenty eight in there he loves to see her handler mr morse frank today east german shepherd breeders of
fantasy companion dog and they’re also the working dog of
choice for for many different dog agencies are throughout the world seen
through the cars these thugs can excelling any kind of
dog training and you know i was a german shepherd and
this was the first hero of the sky drexel returned from the viet nam more
effect he returned to the united states with honors and was the first entry dog
to be officially retired from active service and the german shepherd is suitable for
me different jobs they can do anything from hurting to
police work to dragon bomb detection to getting the visually impaired it search and rescue trekkie should send word you name it this
docking do it off the beverage litter size for german shepherd braid for the sake
of peace the basic requirements a drowning a
german shepherd of these really important first of all these dogs do require daily
exercise and the stocks also should not be
allowed to run for eight this home scenario for these dogs would be to you
now have a fenced yard exercising in or maybe even a can offer them to to
exercise and be able to run around in you don’t want to confine them to a
chain or you know tagamet sarah whatever these dogs want to be with you so you
want to give them you know exercise or time but you also make sure that young
combined into a chain or to intimidate video tyan remember also German Shepherd Facts this helps also to establish a very
strong bond between you and your new german shepherd anis also excellent
exercise beate physical and also mental as well and the seekers show which is held in
germany cheer is the largest show hailed for any dog
breed in the world and the german shepherd is set typically a male is around twenty
forty three six inches in height and usually newark ready to about a
hundred pounds or so and for a female typically there at
twenty two twenty four inches in height and way somewhere between like sydney
date apso palance and the german shepherd uh… according to littering individual registrations is one of the most popular numerous
breeds of dog in the whole world concerning their covered also the uh… breed standard mandates that the normal
code of the german shepherd should have a thick under code and that
the arika should be as this is possible made up of straight hair said that her
life post you know to each other to help give the dot
protection against the elements acceptable dot colors for the german
shepherd make living in the following black and tan like untrained lekin black
and red uh… saveall so in the land they also come in solid wide although
this is considered a confirmation disqualification in the show grain the stocks of a kind of like a silver erectile colors for these dogs or liver
color which is kind of a reddish color and also blue which can it would lie
says it’s kind of a a bluish color or a uh… a kind of a
smoke grey nineteen ninety nine army first in
nineteen ninety nine peanut kennel club recognize the white german shepherd dog breed as a
separate breed itself known as the white german shepherd additional facts about the german
shepherd is that this is a highly active door dog both endorsing outdoors they’re incredibly intelligent and they
have a tremendous learning capability and this dogs him just to just a
fantastic problem solving skills they can also be very territorial
protective of what they consider their human tag and the stocks are exceptionally
sociable to children especially when you’re a silicon from an early age according to the author of the day evoke
the intelligence of dogs the german shepherd dog races at their
most intelligent dog breed of all the dog breeds if you’d like to learn more about the
german shepherd please visit my website a total there’s tremendous shepherd i
meant in their you see on the screen a picture of the book that i have bear
that out that i have written or you can also visit my other web site
at total dash german guy shepard dot com in there you can also read information
about that health and training and then herpes adult dogs and you name it it’s
all there again i hope you’ve enjoyed this
information i hope you’ve learned something German Shepherd Facts

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25 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    ALL dogs are pack dogs everybody needs to be the pack leader to their dog no matter what the breed even chihuahuas

  2. britvic63 says:

    wrong, i am

  3. bandcministry says:

    thnx for posting this video. The GSD is one of the most intelligent and versatile dogs around. They also are the most likely to bite and have the second strongest bite (after the Rotweiller) in the dog world. Responsible ownership is a must.

  4. rockero1590 says:

    i own a gsd an he is wonderful dog very loyal and tought mathefucker, he has many histories, i think the versality of this amazing breed is cuz breeders "responsables breeders" work hard with the race, unfortunely HD is a subject to this breed, i hope in the future gsd dont develop anymore HD. i think blue heeler is a good race in the near future i like to buy one so i can not say is better then gsd. as a amateur trainer can i say depends more of the trainer then the dog breed, learn stuffs.

  5. Brett Thomas says:

    Hell yes!

  6. olo300olo says:

    @Maul767 a rottweiler has a bite more powerful than a german shepherd wich makes the gsd s bite second most powereful

  7. paul o donnell says:

    @Maul767 actually a rottweiller has the strongest bite,then the pitbull and then the german shepherd even though i love german shepherds and their my favourite dog.sorry 4 the miss spell of rottweiller and a type of pitbull or bullstaff has the second strongest bit.rottweiller is the first and the german shepherd third

  8. jack rogers says:

    @HuckFoly its know all over the world that the shepherd is the first and not just from that book

  9. jack rogers says:

    y dose she not talk about the hips and the way the american kennel club completely fucked up the german shepherd in the usa and some parts of uk
    glad my shephrd got a steight back not a slanted one

  10. TheBunkitty says:


  11. Assassinlos187 says:

    I dont know why my gsd stays in the yard like if a stranger is walking down the street she just watches them she is not trained she is a year and a half

  12. mark9021 says:

    @Maul767 That's not true. A wolf might have a bite of 750, but a GSD does not. Border collies have been proven to have intellgence that far exceeds basic instinct. With that being said….all of the top breeds would be close as far as "Dog" intelligence goes. Remember that one breed comes in first more often then not..

  13. mistaboing says:

    why dont u want them to run free?

  14. Gaming Geek says:

    They're the best

  15. Maya Vuckovic says:

    My male GSD is 28 inches at the shoulder and 110 pounds , and his not fat .

  16. Olivia Escamilla says:

    My German shepherd killed a wild animal.. And ate it…

  17. 123brynner says:

    my 1 month old GSD keeps on like nibling my little sisters thighs.Im trying to make my GSD to stop but she just keeps on doing it, is there aybody that can help?

  18. Jamesdurbinrules says:

    best dogs

  19. Kimberly Williams says:

    The actual record holder for the strongest bite force in a dog is held by the Turkish kangal. In all reality though, There is no 100% way to know for sure which dog does by the testing method of the pressure sensitive sleeve for the simple fact that there is no way to tell if the dog was 1. trying its hardest 2. the variation from dog to dog and 3. the breeding qualities from the specific breeder to name a few. The Rottweiler does have a strong bite but currently not strongest.

  20. Craig James Myran says:

    My family had a German Shepherd as I was a kid. The dog's name was "Paperboy" as my dad was a paper carrier for years. All of our dogs over the years have been ultra-loyal and loving however it was Paperboy that ended up being a big part of my life. As I grew older, I too did a paper route and so, like my dad, Paperboy would ride along in the car all night to keep me company. He would look bummed out when unable to ride. He ended passing away from old age but GSD are the ultimate pet.

  21. roadapple66 says:

    I agree. I have had several German Shepherds over the years (I have had Kota for 10 years now), and they are the smartest, most even tempered dogs I have had the pleasure of knowing. My neighbor has a Border Collie that is dumb as a box of rocks. They do need a lot of personal time with you. Treat them like family members (they are), and you will get the most from them. All of mine have been easy to train, because they want to please you more than they want to eat!

  22. Kim Renfrow says:

    Well I am the VERY proud human mom to 3 GSD's all 3 were rescues and even though they came to me through a very sorted past they are incredible animals and I wouldn't take a million dollars for any one of them. I also have poodles and they too are very intelligent. My dogs own me I don't own them. They love me and protect me and give me reasons to keep going when humans let me down. They protect me from people I didn't even know I needed protection from So the are smarter than me…

  23. ChidoriCorpsCosplay says:

    Is it okay to have a GSD stay outside, but walk them and play with them everyday?

  24. MrLePancake says:

    now just how the hell is poodle #2 most intelligent

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