German Shepherd gets fish treats/Owczarek Niemiecki dostaje rybne przekąski

Hi everyone, we welcomes you in this nice day. What will you say Major? Today we’ll check, how Major will react on this dried sprats ordered in the internet 100% genuine, dried fish Major is already excited Let’s find out You like it? He probably likes it As I said before, he was already excited, when he feel a smell Major, lay down Lay down! Lay down! Sly dog Major lay down Lay down Major, no, sit Lay down Lay down Sit Lay down Major sit! Lay down! Clever dog Sit Good Major I should take this out of your range Paw Good dog Good Major He really likes it Easy Major You’ll get it Is it good? As we knows, fishes are healthy, so Major, sit! You heard a car, what? Last time Major likes to chase cars An effect of this chasing a trodden lawn Major sit! Sit! Good Major! This is your dessert. Major got dinner before Now he’ll treats is as a dessert You like it? Truth, that it’s good? I like fishes too Smoked, fried Salmon, mackerel, trout All fried fish, it’s something tasty Major evidently relishes with these fishes It was probably shot at 10 Come here, come Sit! Sit! Good Major! Even 2 stucked together Something new, something tasty, right? You got fishes before, but only fried Leave it Or on table Table is lowet, but wider Paw Paw Major, down Major down! Good Major Excitement bigger than obedience You didn’t get this kind of treats before As I expected, Major likes it at all these dried fishes Catch Eat it, eat, it’s not expensive, so we can buy it Except sprats I have dried bulls also I thinks, he’ll likes them too Lay down! Major! Lay down! Lay down! Major! Lay down! Lay down! Lay down! Down! Down! Good Major! You’re so excited Once more Jump Jump! Jump! Good dog! We’re traning “jump” command It works the best with toys & food Only watch out for fingers Come, do you want more? Thumbs up for Major a fish eater Catch What a grab! Very good! Thanks all for watching Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time in another adventures of Major With my cameral, literaly, participation Jump! Almost Later Sit! Good Major!

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