German Shepherd & Golden Retriever puppies/Owczarek Niemiecki i Golden Retriever szczeniaki

Beautiful, sunny day & barking neighbor dogs Major’s sniffing all Typical walk, true Major? Come What did you find there? So little & so offensive They don’t like you Oh there’s probably your… …mate or female friend Waiting Puppy too. Probably Golden Retriever Come Major We’ll see with your contemporary Neighbor or female neighbor I didn’t look closely So less aggressive Hi It’s probably bitch Yes it’s bitch Hi Hi Hi You tangled up Major What’s your name, what? Easy Major, she isn’t aggressive Usually dogs don’t trust each other Calmly, she’s not aggressive, she’s very calm Calmly Major 5 meters of leash & it’s still to little for you, what? Hi German Shepherd, Golden Retriever More white Golden Retriever Be nice, wait car’s coming We have to watch out for cars You’re so energic now Major Sit Sit Good dog Hi beautiful We would stay here Major, but from up German Dog is coming It’s better for us not to be here So many dogs around Major come, we’re going further for our walk You won’t play unfortunately, a fence divides you Come Major, we’re going You energic dog Well, thanks for watching Leave sub, like, comment Share if you want & see you next time Thumbs up for Major The German Shepherd

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