German Shepherd in the winter forest/Owczarek Niemiecki w zimowym lesie

Pretty, pretty. Really pretty Here you are! I see you. It’s easier to spot you on the snow A winter forest This one you already know, Major February, March, then you were running there, when there was snow Mr. Scout! Not so far on the front We don’t know, if any other dogs walks with their owners A tunnel A real tunnel Hey, branches collapsed here Oh my It’s tight Heavy snow collapsed the branches Still it’s nice Thumbs up from them, who likes mountains Correct: Who loves mountains Mountains, forests etc. How white Even in the night it’s bright here A mud is frozen Even I have white schoes Major is still black Half black, half brown Greetings from polish, winter forest In the mountains What a peace Now I don’t say anything, listen Such a silence Running, running Major Running through the forests Snow falls Shaggy dog has fun Not it’s really easy to find you Everywhere is white, you won’t hide anymore You always found me with a smell But it’s hard to find you in the night in the forest Good, that you always return Beautiful, it’s beautiful, it became so white I greet these, who do not have snow yet So Major through forest & I through a barrier I see you! I told you, that I’ll find you Probably this is, why it’s pretty here, because we’re walking here often That it’s white Branches are heavy from a snow What do you see? This black dot is Major Good dog You like winter, right? I should name you, a winter dog I still see you Major let’s go Where’s he? There he is Major! To me! Thumbs up for winter walks with Major And with every other dog Which you have Thanks for watching And see you next time Later

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