German Shepherd Injuries – German Shepherd Emergencies

hi everybody this is Debbie from total des Turman des Shepherd calm and today I want to take time to talk to you just a little bit about one aspect of running the German Shepherd and we won’t talk to you today about emergency treatments with your German Shepherd there are a lot of German Shepherd injuries that require immediate medical care now dog emergency medical situation is one in which you need to get your German Shepherd to the veterinarian absolutely as quickly as possible but of course not every element will need professional treatment and even then some treatments can often times be scheduled you know to fit into your own schedule and to go at your own convenience even so you know better safe than sorry if your German Shepherd ever receives any type of injury it’s best that you be aware of what to do and in advance you know depending on what type of injury your dog is received in different injuries require different treatments and many require immediate medical assistance the following symptoms that I’m going to have on the next couple of slides are all things that require immediate medical action from your veterinarian or from another animal care giver in your area things like broken bones bleeding from the mouth or the nose a bloated abdomen if your dog has pilgrims if it repeatedly vomits over and over or if it has diarrhea for more than 18 hours if your dog has any problems with muscle tremors if it has problems breathing or swallowing or if it refuses to eat for over 48 hours if there’s any kind of spurting blood if your dog is having seizures or it’s disoriented or if you find any kind of unusual swellings especially ones that are that come up suddenly that are hard and that are very fast-growing now in any kind of emergency situation it’s very important for you to try and keep calm and to get your dog to the veterinarian as quickly as possible so what you need to do first call the veterinary to make sure it’s office is open and then let them know what is happening that you are on your way if your veterinarian’s office is not open call your nearest emergency veterinarian clinic you can also get in touch with other you know the best basante use to make sure that you always keep your emergency phone numbers including those of your veterinarian emergency veterinarian clinics in your area any kind of if you know any vet techs or that sort of thing now keep those numbers near your phone with all your other emergency numbers just in case there’s any kind of emergency you didn’t to contact them now if you ever need to find out any more information on the German Shepherd or if you’re looking to you know watch some entertaining videos so if you want to watch in the form of you know informative videos if you want to read articles if you want to come by and see pictures we have loads of information about nothing with a German Shepherd on the side and I would like to invite you to come by anytime to visit in the website address is ww total de German Shepherd calm and I hope this information about how to or you know how to understand or how to better interpret what emergency treatments are and what needs what kind of symptoms need emergency treatment hope this has helped you if you’re unsure of it please watch this video again just so you’ll know if anyone these things happen that you need to do need to get your dog to the veterinarian quickly as possible y’all have a good day and thank you very much

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