German Shepherd Loves Bath

Jimmy, Jimmy will you eat? Play?? Bath.. Bath (in chorus) At first disbelief… Shake hand, shake the other hand, will you bath, will you bath Let’s go for Bath .. & look at Jimmy rush! Went into bathroom & has come back to see what’s on.. Jimmy, so you want bath.. It’s just too much for Jimmy.. if he had hands !!

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31 Responses

  1. 2135nader says:

    Such a beautiful German Shepard.

  2. Julie Bejeweled says:

    He's adorable!!

  3. Gogooshttr Flshr says:

    WTF with the dislikes?

  4. BELLA says:

    the environment could be a little cleaner, for the Gorgeous GSD's sake? always hygienic for the animal, don't you think? sorry, just have to say something on behalf of GSDs..:(

  5. Diversity 49 says:

    He is indian lord

  6. kamaboko1 says:

    nice looking gs

  7. Nick Davis says:

    1:03 I see why he loves baths so much your house is disgustingly dirty

  8. debasis bag says:

    sambalpuri kukur kain

  9. Ian H. says:

    Beautiful looking dog!

  10. Larkin Hancock says:

    I wish my dog loved baths it would've made life so much easier for us both

  11. Asthmatic Kitten says:

    I wish the owner didn't have any vocal cords.

  12. POONAM RAJPUT says:

    mere bath ka bee name jamini h aur vo ak German Shepherd h???

  13. POONAM RAJPUT says:


  14. spideruk1981 says:

    dont talk to dog like that man

  15. Raphael Aegis says:

    you have a beautiful dog

  16. Priyabrata Dash says:

    Ha ha ha… u r frm western odisha… me too

  17. jeet shah says:

    Say my hello to your oriya shepherd.

  18. lionel messi 10 says:

    is this gsd double coat

  19. Ray Rooney says:

    what a shithole

  20. adamaneve22 says:


  21. sunny bass says:


  22. Rayer Scarpensael says:

    before he gets older get rid of the tiles, they are too slippery for GS and will screw his back in the long run

  23. Pro fessional says:

    So… you teased the dog with something he likes…. wow… that you can put a video on youtube. After all we dont even see the dog taking a bath…. DISLIKE!

  24. A-Ryan says:

    I kinda understood what he said but still.. if the title is in English then the video should be English too. Also how are you gonna not show us the bath.. thats why we all fucking clicked. Also if your dog doesnt respond to their name but knows how to shake their paw then you probably trained them in reverse or some shit. I dont know why I got so triggered but dumb shit with such a beautiful dog makes me pissed.

  25. Douglas Quaid says:

    How does the dog understand that language ?

  26. Santiago Novoa says:


  27. vinesh kapure says:

    Bhai aap mumbai se ho kya aur jimmy male hai ya female….mera male GSD hai double coat

  28. Daljeet kaur says:

    which gsd coat is this



  30. Dennis Rivenburg says:

    Poor dog has to live in a dirty small Indian apartment.

  31. Green Azure says:

    Dirty ass house

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