German Shepherd Makes Great Escape From Crate!

See ya doggies!

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37 Responses

  1. thsc47 says:

    But… why let your dogs in this small ?

  2. Justin Van Cleef Walker says:

    Bad dog mean guilty 

  3. Depressed Shadow says:

    Absolutely hysterical! 😀

  4. ItsKayTho says:

    He's smart and Adorable! The other dog is looking like "Hey what about me". Lol

  5. cammie k. sandi says:

    Oh my goodness!! LOL!

  6. cammie k. sandi says:

    Oh my goodness!! LOL!

  7. Martin Devaney says:

    thats a full grown dog not a parrott

  8. Ludovico Morreale says:

    Smart dog ! But on the other side, aren't the cages too small for such growned up dogs?

  9. bilsob1 says:

    Those cages are to small for big dogs

  10. nlm2nd says:

    That little weasel, he didn't even help out the other doggie! 

  11. IMaximusDMI says:


  12. AprilGoddesss says:

    Like a cat lol

  13. John Kim says:

    Those crates are way too small for those dogs. You need to put them in a room or something. 

  14. Llamaguy says:

    Cool escape artist €:

  15. Bethany M says:

    Aw as other's have said the crates are too small for such big dogs, they still need room to move about, even if they're only in there for small amounts of time. Could you confine them to a room or outdoors (if suitable) while you're out? Great video though, I love how clever dogs can be 🙂

  16. Danúbio Viana Nogueira says:

    This dog is smarter than many people I know.

  17. Anthea Mare says:

    I once had a budgie who has figured out how to open the door of his cage by himself. So we ended up buying eye bolt snap hooks to secure the cage doors. 

  18. itsnotme07 says:

    One determined dog! Think you need a bigger boat.

  19. morris jaykayel says:

    The dog is as brilliant as his beautiful owner.Morris

  20. DЯAiИ G4ИG H€ЯФ says:

    If I was forced to stay in a cage that small, I'd escape too

  21. AmputeeOT says:

    Note: The dogs only are locked in their crates for dinnertime, with the exception of times we need to put the dogs away for certain kinds of company (such as when people installed a new patio door in our house). The dogs often sleep in them during the day voluntarily.

  22. tery215 says:

    wow, that's a squishy dog

    all dogs are squishy?

  23. lex Stevens says:

    its crule why do they need to be in them at dinner even and close a door for sevice calls sad 🙁

  24. Cheshire House says:

    The curse (for owners) of smart dogs: it's not a matter of "I shouldn't", it's whether the reward outweighs the trouble. 🙂 I have a rottie that I have to outsmart, myself. Good luck to you! 🙂

  25. Zack Swartz says:

    So beautiful! I would hope that the problem was corrected, though, so the dog doesn't hurt or strangle itself under the cage door. =

  26. E G says:

    I had a dog and we didnt have a crate we had him in a room but we tought him that he wouldnt look for good when we were at the tabletter…

  27. Elizabeth Adams says:

    Hahaha that is awesome! I gave up crating my german shepherd, she could escape anything! She was great though. Now I have a Siberian Husky who learned to climb our yard fence but not if we were watching, and then hang around like he couldn't get back in lol. He was just looking for us, thank God he isn't a runner! That shepherd is one smart beautiful dog! lol

  28. MoarPower says:

    Whats with the crates?? Any dog, especially a GSD will easily learn rules and expectations. Crates should only be used to protect the dog if something dangerous (ie renovating and construction) is going on.

  29. Gerneral Clash Of Clan says:


  30. JSwift Flex says:

    we have a rottweiler and it actually learned how to unlock the gate some how and let herself out I think crates should only be used for dangerous situations or for traveling

  31. Hero Hour says:

    I've heard stories where the dog got stuck and tramatized from the experience. And seriously hurt. But whatever.

  32. Equestrian Ky says:

    My German shepherd locked us out of the house like 2 or 3 times XD

  33. Spartan 212 says:

    I find it funny that the 2nd dog was like hey let me out man lol!

  34. dpadjs says:

    I have about 20+ zip-ties strapped to every corner of my dog's crate. She can't get out anymore lol.

  35. Wu Jiajia says:

    My dogs wouldn’t try that

  36. Johanna Araiza says:

    I have a white Shepard that escapes from literally anything and it’s sooo frustrating I don’t know how to stop this

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