German Shepherd meets Huskies/Owczarek Niemiecki spotyka dwa Husky

Let’s go Who’s this? Hi Major is friendly Second Husky German Shepherd & Husky Hi Hello Good, Major Without barking, without aggression Major’s tail Pretty Huskies Pretty Huskies, but Major is the prettiest You want to make friends But it can’t be done, a fence Here you’re better visible. Hi! Do you wanna be pet? No? Major, too close He says you, it’s his area Major, you tangle up Someone is sleepy What’s your name? Oh, you have one eye brown & second is white, yes. Nice Major has two brown, one is lighter, second is darker And you? Both the same? Yes Major you’ve been warned This young one wants to play with you Bless you Thumbs up for Major’s new friends Let’s go, we’re going Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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