German Shepherd on the peak/Owczarek Niemiecki na szczycie

So today we go with Major on the peak Major stay Stay Good dog. Stay! Stay! A perfect weather for it It was supposed to rain, but it doesn’t So we’re going, let’s go Major A piece of road ahead of us Yes, your stream Major, come Come Let’s go Come Almost there We’re almost there Exactly we’re on place There’s shelter there This is closer peak, there’s also further peak But today we’re here, because… Storm incoming from south On the horizon we can see, how much it’s raining We should probably return to home faster Or wait in shelter before storm will end We’re on place So Major, is view beautiful? So Major, a break? Unfortunately, incoming storm force us To faster leave of a peak, let’s go Major The peak is name Rogacz (eng. Cuckold) You can find on a map where we was South Poland Next to Bielsko-Biala A Magurka is higher WOW, how it rains there & it’s all incoming to us Major we have to go back. A golden rule, one of first of walking in mountains Don’t go in bad weather conditions This is why we’re returning We came here in 40 minutes, we’ll go back in 20, because down So we return & I thank for all subscribers Who not subscribing yet Let leave a trail, SUB, like comment Share & once more, many thanks for support Major look, how you walk Later Run Major Final report We didn’t make it Storm caught us We’re escapeing from forest & to home 5 minutes of road by run Free shower is necesary I’m, Major too, we both are sweaty What a weather Fast Major, we’re going back

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9 Responses

  1. Silver the Light Fury says:

    Super pies

  2. Joy4ever ! says:

    Majorek lubi spacerki, prawda? ?
    Aww ale on już jest duży ??

  3. Mundo Dog says:

    Super like

  4. Marlis Stelter says:

    What a beautiful Area so nice nature big mountains and hiking trails. Major like it. But than the weather change…..Major run, run, run it gets wet so sorry!!!

  5. Norbert Wilkosz says:

    Czym pan karmi majorka?

  6. Keras says:

    O kurde ale zainteresowanie jest tym pieskiem miałeś rację 😀 swoją drogą bardzo ładny i fajny pieseł hehe

  7. Kapi Kobtra says:

    No wiem za moje komentarze zawsze łapki w góre dla ciebie i majora ???

  8. Agnieszka says:

    Szybko do domu !!!!

  9. Wiktoria P says:

    Ile mies ma ten piesek?

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