German Shepherd Outside in Bitter Cold

That’s where he sleeps At the corner where he can see best you see there is now snow on his belly just hanging out there temperature doesn’t face him this is his favorite weather. Snow!

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5 Responses

  1. MegaSafetyFirst says:

    I like snow, too.
    But for sure I would not lie down in it with my belly. 🙂

  2. Kallista Metro says:

    Fun Fact: some gsd's love the snow

  3. ecbenny J says:

    They can handle the cold

  4. hardcoregaz says:

    Germany is a cold country. And the German shepherd is a shepherd dog that could live outside with the sheep. They can handle cold conditions pretty well. Maybe not like a mountain dog can but they still do good in cold weather. Double coated dogs.

  5. Jake Hesnan says:

    Will u shut up.😂 iknow it kinda bad leaving the dog out side bit. But gsd are accutaly quite well able for this type of weather i have a gsd and he would much rather be out in the snow or rain then in a warm place they were bread in germany there a all round dog they deal with various climates well they tend to like cold more doe

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