German Shepherd plays in snow/Owczarek Niemiecki bawi się w śniegu

I’m back Hiii Hiii Open! Major, white. It’s white It’s easier to spot you Yes I’m back finally After so much hours in job I know, you missed, me too Me too, do you know! Show yourself Aside What? I already opened you Major, easy, don’t jump on me Where’s your toys? Oh, take You have a lot of toys here Snow fell finally Oh, a ball Hidden You have ice here, not snow Happiness, doggy happiness What, snow fell, snow fell? Sure, that snow fell. Even a lot of snow You Major wasn’t yet. I remember, how 1 meter of snow could fell Wait, I’ll wear a glove I’ve got it in the backpack Right, not left Major come Leave my backpack Nosy dog Major leave it! Leave it! I’ll keep phone with arm, it’ll be a little bit dark Leave it! Come, I’ve got something for you Major come! We played like that yesterday, about hour Snowy dog Leave it! You stubborn…Major come! You’ve stolen me a paper It’s a trash, a usual paper Where will I find it later? It’s white, snow is white also So now we have an infinity of balls Until we have snow Leave it Leave it! Stubborn dog! You prefer snow Thumbs up for a snowy Major What a jump. Bravo! Catch! Thanks for watching & see you next time Nice jump Major Good snow, what? Later

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