German Shepherd plays with a cone/Owczarek Niemiecki bawi się szyszką

What will you say, doggie? You found a cone? Come here I got you! Where’s cone? Where’s cone? Now ball? Where’s cone? Almost I remember when you were a puppy, when you played with a cone Here’s a lot of cones Crazy Shepherd plays with cone! What I have? What I have! So! So much happiness, so much fun Give Give Give Give it! He wants me to chase him Give it Oh you, dodger Fast as bolt, Major So who has dog, who wants to be chasing I’m only walking, doing nothing I totally don’t see this cone I hesitated, I didn’t want you to bite me I should jumping too? As you do? Got you! What? My muzzle? Mr. Fluffy He won’t give back, he won’t give it This fast turn This one is bigger What a grab What a pose. Bravo Major Oh right Grenade! Major isn’t suitable to army. I’m telling “Grenade!” & he’s going & catching Thumbs up for running Major What’s up, are you watching neighbors car? You’re waiting until it’ll drive, yes? Thanks for watching & see you next, fluffy time Later

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