German Shepherd plays with gum ball/Owczarek Niemiecki bawi się z gumową piłką

Give the ball Give the ball Give this ball I got you I got you There it is My ball Give the ball Give Give the ball Give the ball My ball Ha, I got I got Give the ball. Give I got you Fire! Are you waiting? Ops, missed Again? Major made from me the ball launcher Get it, get this ball! What? I got it, ha ha ha You won’t get it You won’t let to kidding you, what? I got Give Give! Major, it’s simple: you get, I throw But you want me to chase you Give it It’s flat a little Perfect for grabbing Do you want ball for Xmass? & you could play like this all day Get this ball, get it Attack I got I got Thumbs up for playing with ball Major Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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