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hey everybody this is Debbie we’re total that’s German Shepherd calm and today just want I’ll just real quickly about something that I really really love and that’s German Shepherd puppies now if you happen to have german shepherd puppies or maybe you’re thinking about getting a german shepherd puppy or you had one in the casa kid and you’re thinking you know how much more fun it would be to have one as an adult also i would like you to invite you to come by our site anytime and visit and to read up all you can about german shepherd puppies because there is a lot to know about them because there’s a lot of different conditions that they may or may not get there’s a lot of things to say mature that you might not be aware of and there’s a lot of things you need to know and we have loads of information about all sorts of health issues and also some training issues on there and also if you happen to have a german shepherd puppy currently or if you’re thinking of getting one we’d also like to invite you to come by sometime and if you look on the left hand side in the navigation bar you’ll see a section that says sharing and if you click on german shepherd puppy or a german shepherd dog or whatever there’s areas in there also where you can actually post information about your german shepherd puppy or your german shepherd dog or maybe a memorial to our dog that you’ve had in the past and you can tell us your store you can also put pictures up there and we would love for you to come by and share your story with us and to let us see your dog and to let all the other readers of total German Shepherd dot com to actually learn more about you and hear your experiences so again if you get a chance and you want to learn more about German Shepherd publishing oh you never had one before or maybe you’re thinking of giving another one and it has been a while since you’ve had one and you want to kind of do some research in and catch up please come by anytime and again our website is www minh Shepherd calm thank you very much for your time y’all have a good day

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  1. salazar16alex says:

    @Doppelganger399 Sucks

  2. Hasith Perera says:

    my german shepherd eats his own shit if we dnt watch on him..plz tell me hw to stop this..he is 8 months old nw.

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