German Shepherd puppies playing with ears taped up

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  1. mygreybear says:

    shushhhhhhh lol, its not cruel to tape their ears, obviously taping ears does not hurt a dog. And they are very cute by the way =)

  2. tinyopus says:

    my gsd was the only one out of the litter who had one ear not stand up, i didnt tape em till she was almost 6 months, the vet taped them up, i took em off ten days later, then did it again for 1 week and now they stand up. Taping them will just ensure they stand up. I think its great u taped them, all these other hosers shouldnt say anything at all if they cant say anthing nice.

  3. Jennifer Lu says:

    i have a german shepherd puppy at 4 months I adopted at the shelter. He is AH-DORABLE!

  4. HAM0002 says:

    i would have taped them also if i was feeling they were soft or the puppies had issues with standing them up on their own i didnt have that problem with mine his where up at 21/2 months he is now almost 4 months and over 36 lbs and there still up…..

  5. Bob Smith says:

    My GSD is 7 mos. old and his ears still have not gone up. The breeder ensured me they will stand on their own when the dogs teeth are all in. I looked in his mouth and sure enough the lower jaw still has teeth coming through the gum line. Not sure if I should tape his ears or not. He does have large ears and is of German lines. He is a beautiful and happy dog but the ear issue is really depressing.

  6. Seraphim712 says:

    It's so that the cartilage in the ears can harden and stand up on their own. Usually a German Shepherd's ears will stand up on their own which is the natural appearance. But every once in a while that doesn't happen. People don't do it for their amusement.

  7. sweetbounty says:

    its totally stupid coz when GSD is growing sometimes (even when he got 5 month) one ear can flap down, its because that he need protein to build a bones so give him a good food ( natural) + nutrient = that's all.

  8. sweetbounty says:

    they will if your dog is GSD – just give him a good food rich with proteins (u can use nutrient to compensate Vitamins, especially calcium )

  9. Hailey Lommen says:

    It is natural for a GSD's ears to stand up. They're supposed to stand up by themselves, but sometimes their cartilage doesn't strengthen as much as it should in their ears, and it causes them to stay flopped, so they tape them. This doesn't hurt the dogs at all, it's nothing like cutting and taping, like you would see on a Doberman or Boxer, for example.

  10. rewe23 tyuo says:

    i have agerman shepherd…and she has got perfect stand ujp ears…the secret is: never touch the ears of your dog during his first(better two years) of growing.
    my father teach me this and it works with every dog.

  11. ShmoozaLoser says:

    I've never heard of taping GSD ears, if they are bred right they stand up on there own.

  12. CanadianEh73 says:

    people people people. some german shepherd puppies ears' dont stand up. therefore leading to the taping of the ears. german shepherd just look better with their ears up, not all droopy.

  13. Adrián Zúñiga says:

    whats the proces? what do you put on their ears=???

  14. Calen says:

    Nope, doesn't hurt em one bit, it actually helps to strengthen their ears, if they aren't taped, it leads to ear problems, (ie prone to infection)

  15. Angel Deville says:

    90% of everyone's GSD puppies has had that little floppy part remaining at the very tip of its ear while the other ear is perfectly straight. Very cute; usually straights out on its own; sometimes requires help.

  16. Zoids Universe says:

    My girl's ears where already straight by the time she was 3. My boy's…when he was 5, now he's 8 and the tip of his left ear is floppy. He let the other dogs bite on his ears to much. -_-;

  17. PROTOkagouri says:

    @kenylay ….no

  18. PROTOkagouri says:

    To all the idiots dont fucking play with your gsd ears if they are 10 months and they ear still down then they have problem.

  19. Tommy Mercy says:

    @jennlu99 cool..i have a german shepherd less than 2 months and it;s cute too. i am not sure if it looks like a GS cos its a mixed. mind if i send u a photo to ur email or sth and judge for me?

  20. teddybear4422 says:

    ear taping you dont tape german shepherds ears they come up on there own

  21. Ahmed mazhar says:

    my gsds pups ears were up at 6 weeks of age

  22. Stngraybch says:

    @1pick2sticks Yes, I never taped up my GSD's ears. I have 2 now, and had others before these. I never had one with ears that didn't stand up, but I didn't really care. These puppies are so precious. I miss the puppy age, but I love them now, too. One of mine had a floppy ear until he was 5 mo. old. but it went up just fine.

  23. jmdnarri says:

    @crackheadcheesecake Most do stand up on their own, mine did, but some don't. for the pups that don't by about 4 months, your should tape them. Another option is to feed them gelatin, that only works if the ears are only a little floppy, not in severe cases.

  24. s4m2 says:

    @liamvanvel1996 I think I'd rather trust the opinion of a user who is clearly devoted to the German Shepherd breed than some 14 year old with videos of Call of Duty whose parents owned 4 GSDs (hardly enough to account for the entire breed).

  25. Cindafukinrella says:

    OMG IF your german shepherd is a real german shepherd then its ears will stand naturaly on their own in their own time!! you SHOULD NOT be sticky tapping any anima;s ears up they are presents or toys!

  26. jmdnarri says:

    @TheGermanShepfan Years ago I had heard that some people will eat gelatin to help hair and nails grow stronger, a few members of my GSD club have been breeding for decades and they told me it has the same strengthening effect on the cartilage of the ears.
    There are three pups in our club from the same litter. The mother is a highly accomplished working and showing dog but tends to throw soft ears to her pups. They swear by gelatin.

  27. ann le says:

    My GSD is around 6 months old, will his ears come up naturally or would I have o tape it?

  28. ivar3145 says:

    Doesn't taping their ears up like that weaken their sense of hearing?

  29. Chris Thebowhunter says:

    Did this too my Akita pup,works good.

  30. TheIrfanxz44 says:

    Real gsd no need ears taping

  31. ZomBettie says:

    I have two GSD 15weeks, the girl had both ears straight up, it looked gorgeous, but one morning I found her with one ear flopped (i don't know how that happened). The boy has floppy ears but hes the runt so his body size looks more like a 8 week old puppy. By when do you think they need their ears taped?

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