German Shepherd Rescue Dogs Get DNA Tested – You won’t believe the results!

(charming music) – I feel like when I got them
their heads were a lot more fluffy. Hey, I’m Rocky Kanaka, and if you’ve been following
my channel and Dog’s Day Out then you know what these
big teddy bears are for, and if you’re not, I’m gonna fill you in. I’m also gonna share the DNA test results of this amazing dog that will
hopefully be adopted soon and I’ll give you a bunch of updates. Without further ado, let’s
get to these pupdates. (chuckles) Pupdates. Did you get it, did you get that? Did you get that? (upbeat music) Alright, if you haven’t seen
teddy bear Herschel’s story, you’ve gotta check it out. I’ll put the link down below. Stop whatever you’re
doing, go watch that video, and then come back to this. But if you have seen it, thank
you for being apart of that. I mean, the thing at this point right now, has more than a million views combined between YouTube and Facebook, and I think will only continue to grow as Herschel’s story spreads. But just to kind of recap. This big dog has been chained up his whole life in a backyard, and it’s really worn on the dude. I mean, his teeth are
whittled down in the front, most likely from chewing on that chain. He’s been returned to the shelter quite a few times. The last time, I think
someone just dumped him in the backyard with, they
just dumped a bag of food back there so then he
gained a bunch of weight. Since then, Adopt &
Shop, where he’s staying, he’s been working on
bringing his weight down so that he’s ready for adoption but he’s still gonna need
some weight management, so it’s a pretty rough situation. Here’s a dog that is just
now about five years old, he’s just starting his life now. The reason Herschel is so important to me, is on my new show Dog’s Day Out, I take a dog that’s
struggling to get adopted, or just really needs some extra help, we take them out on the best day ever to help raise awareness. But what’s cool is you guys
are apart of that, right? I couldn’t do that without you. Without you guys sharing
and giving me ideas and being apart of that, none of this would be
possible so thank you, and I wanted to do an update video and give you an update on this guy, and also, one of main
comments I got was what is he? I think he’s 100% german shepherd. Because of all those comments, my friends at Wisdom Panel reached out and said, hey, we’d like
to send you free kit so that you can know
exactly what Herschel is. I was really excited about that. Right away, did the test, sent it in, got the results back. I want you to take a
look at these pictures and just think, just guess,
is he 100% german shepherd? Is he mixed with something? If so, what is that percentage? Keep that in your mind and I’m gonna reveal the
answer here in just a second, but first, I wanna give
you an update on Herschel and kind of, where we’re at. I want Lindsey, the manager
over at Adopt & Shop, to do that. Earlier I was over there and
here’s what Lindsey had to say. Alright, here you closer,
I’ll look like a giant. – Oh good, so I can look. – Do we have any applications? – We have tons of applications, you guys have been awesome, and I know everybody really
wants some more information about Herschel and how
he’s gonna be a great fit. We are excited to say that
we’re narrowing it down. We have a few awesome candidates that Herschel will be a
great fit for in their home, and we’re just kinda weaning it out and see who Herschel wants
to make his forever home. – Herschel! (clapping) – Come on buddy! Look to your friend, go get him! – Come over here! Good boy. Seriously, thank you guys. You are a hero if you
put in an application. The fact that you stepped up and said, I’ll do whatever it takes
to help Herschel out, you are my kind of people. Let’s talk about what Herschel is. I’ve had a lot of people guessing. Check out some of these guesses. – I think he’s german
shepherd, brown bear. (laughter) – I think Herschel is a doll. I would say he’s part Akita. – [Rocky] Okay, that’s not a bad guess. – Part german shepherd. – [Rocky] Okay. – Part Sasquatch. – I think he’s probably
80% german shepherd. – [Rocky] What’s the other 20%? – Pekinese. – Okay, here’s what he is, no joke, I’m reading it right from the DNA test. He is (drum roll) 75% german shepherd. So right away, I’m wrong
’cause I thought he was 100. I was like, I’m an expert here and I believe he’s 100%
german shepherd, wrong. The other 25% Siberian Husky. (drum roll) That’s cool! I would not have guessed that. I thought, if anything, I
would’ve that it was chow maybe. That’s what’s so cool
about these DNA tests, so Wisdom Panel, thanks
for sending that to me, I really appreciate it. And speaking of, I put my
post office box address down in the comments below so if you want to send anything. Let’s see, we have… To Rocky and Herschel Bear. A note in here from Karen, Karen thanks! What is this? Ah, he will like that, he loves, Herschel loves plush toys. All kinds of collars in there. Here’s one that I think
will be perfect for him. I love german shepherds. I’m gonna keep the updates going, so again, make sure you subscribe and you turn on that notification button, and also go over to Instagram
and do the same thing because that’s where I
usually post stuff first, so you’ll be the first to know. Expect more updates, coming soon. And I’ll see you guys soon.

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100 Responses

  1. Shelby Shelby says:

    I'm to young to adopt a dog

  2. Quree says:

    My dog is a rescue and we don't know what breed she is exept from part pug.
    Her story:
    When she was a puppy she had a nice family (we don't know fully yet) she got dumped onto the streets for a bit and found with a deep cut paw she went into the pound and then puppies need homes took her to a foster home and I straight away saw her and knew she was perfect.
    She is living a nice happy life now ?

  3. jessica sanchez says:

    He is so Cute

  4. Patsy Monroe says:

    Love you Bear Hugz! To Hershel ??????

  5. Bear Blare says:

    I guessed correctly! Yay! I guessed part germane shepherd because germane shepherds aren’t usually that fluffy so I guessed also part husky

  6. miniwheats gaming says:

    Literally before you said what he was I was thinking German Shepherd and husky and I was so right I’m so excited right now ????

  7. Itsrachelwest says:

    I thought fox

  8. mr.redwolf5 says:

    New it, I spend way to much time around dogs ?

  9. Casey Childers says:

    Omg I got it right and me and my sister love him he’s adorable

  10. Julia Wintersgill says:

    I love that you do this!!!!!

  11. Husky Callie says:

    Omg I got the breeds right!!!!!!!!???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. DRGNF8 says:

    Wow, what an amazing mix of dog. I want one!

  13. Cassie Acosta says:


  14. Hex Iceshimmer says:

    I agree with you Rocky! My guess was Chow as well. Can't believe it's Husky. What a beautiful boy he is!

  15. Ella Lola Reine Bryant says:

    He is so cute! You are a animal saver!

  16. Slippery Noodles says:

    i think he's a shepeard collie mix. guessed this at 3:15

  17. Lps Rose gold says:

    I was right I’m a bit late but I always knew he was part husky my two favorite dogs in one?

  18. Glitter girl112 says:

    I love that Bear is able to get what he deserves. He's had such a hard life and yet he still is so happy. It really is an amazing story.

  19. Finlay Cutting says:

    I thought he was

    German Shepard:33%
    Husky: 33%
    Lab: 24%

    Also he’s a great and sweet dog for considering all the stuff he’s been through he’s still carrying on

  20. Alyssa H. says:

    I legit said german shepard and husky omg i-

  21. Expert Builder says:

    That is why he so fluffy and adaroball

  22. Misty Handley says:

    He’s part husky?! Awesome!! I love huskies! ???

  23. Star Catcher says:

    Not 100percent. I'd say part Husky or chow and German Shepherd.

  24. AVA ANDERSON says:

    Why is he my favorite dog? Like id be down do adopt hershal ??

  25. Rick Makarowski says:

    Maybe wolf?

  26. Weirdotopian Stories says:

    What gave you the idea to start dog’s day out?

  27. alaika vasilakos says:


  28. alaika vasilakos says:

    Love ham1 dog

  29. Kemper Linford Donovan Best McBride Delaney says:

    Amazing video man keep it up????????????

  30. Nora ROBLOX God says:

    IM IN! I’m new here and I’m a new subscriber and I’m exited for Hershel to get adopted I wish I was here earlier because I would so be ready to adopt Hershel

  31. Macie Reeves says:

    I was do close I thought he was 80% German shepherd and 20% husky

  32. Avery Unicorn Gamer Girl says:


  33. Lena Bajwoluk says:

    l said 70% German shepered and the rest husky

  34. Julie Mejia says:

    Hershel I hope he gets new home and he diserves to get the best owners.hes nice dog ? he means no harm

  35. Chloe Winkelblech says:

    I guess he was 50% German Shepherd50% husky

  36. Diana Hutsel-Demers says:

    Herschel is 100% loveable, no need for any test to see the obvious.
    You , my man, are my new hero. All my positive energy, love, and blessings for what you are doing.
    There are still angels among us. You are proof.

  37. Michael Xray hoyt says:

    A cute dog,

  38. AJ Kenny says:

    I think Herschel is a German Shepherd

  39. Carlos G says:

    I got it

  40. Ahror says:

    I was maybe thinking Alaskan Malamute because of the volume of his fur, but they’re quite similar so I wasn’t too far off, I guess?

  41. Raccoon Gamer says:

    Like is you think he is cute

  42. Winter Wolfy says:


  43. vilma cosico says:

    Correct guess.hw do I know? His fur is so thick n fluffy around his face.

  44. Vladimir Putin says:

    Top 10 YouTube channels

    1.rocky kanaka
    2. Call me Kevin
    5. Mattshea
    6. Game grumps
    8.the big lez show official
    9. Frenchysungattack
    10.filthy frank

  45. Cioclu Miruna says:

    He is soooooo cutee

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    Can I have that dog

  49. CreativeGirl425 Sinha says:

    I really wish I could adopt a dog but my parents won't let me 🙁

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    I thought he was a chow chow German Shepard mix ?? but him being part husky explains his excitement and the scream when he saw the beach

  51. sara garcia says:

    I did not cheat and i guest 40%Husky and 60% Shepard

  52. sara garcia says:

    You can see his a husky by his fur

  53. Farhin Shaikh says:

    Rocky is a pawfessional

  54. Katy Kennerly says:

    I got it right yess

  55. Maya Luthi says:

    I have a husky

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    He is part German shepherd and part husky.??

  57. Alise Vega says:

    German shepherd and chow chow

  58. Amer Kawass says:

    German shard and golden ratrevr

  59. Kerm kerm Accident says:

    I thought the 25%would be a Alaskan malamute

  60. Full moon says:

    i also thought he would be part Akita

  61. Lokiwolfgirl 1 says:

    dang it i guess german shephard chow mix

  62. Pamela Preece says:

    4:05 I got it right! 4:17 and I got that right

  63. Xskillstitan Xx says:

    I new it this dog is amazing hopefully he gets a home soon I would adopt him but I have a dog that can’t be in a house with other dogs but soon he will be able to can’t wait for him to get that form

  64. Katie Twaddle says:

    I thought he would be 50 German shepherd and 50 chow

  65. Saratonin34 says:

    German and Russian! 100% adorable.

  66. Ashley Fierro says:


  67. aiden and haley says:

    2019 anyone??

  68. Nangelis Delgado says:

    my dog snow is a Siberian huskey and shes all white and 100%adorable

  69. Concep Maria says:

    Can i get a applewatch

  70. maryam edit says:

    My guess is right

  71. Tammy W says:

    Bear! My daughters dog name. German Shepherd rescue.

  72. Tammy W says:

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  73. Tammy W says:


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    German Shepherd + Herschel+ Bear= cuteness

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    Why can't you keep the dog

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  85. Christopher Colato says:


  86. Unicorn squad Oh yeah says:

    100% percent German Shepherd my cousins now they live in Indiana do you have a dog named Marshall and he is a German Shepherd like a 100% ❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️❤️???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  88. Abby L says:

    I actually thought he was a German Shepherd and a husky

  89. Dr_ Pleb says:

    I believed that he is a mix between gsheperd and malamute cause hus hair is so long and thick, and he is laaarge… doesn't even matter he is such a beauty

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    I knew it its what i thought bc i was looking at german sheperd and husky mix today

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    I thought it was a bear but it wasn't it was a fur baby by the way my husky got rescued

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    I promise you before the video I said I think he's Part German Shepherd and part husky

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    German Shepherd’s are my favorite dog

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