German Shepherd Stayed more than 6 Years in Shelter Become Gloomy Being Rejected

When Higgins was a puppy, a family adopted
him because they seemed to like Higgins. But after few days of his adoption, Higgins
returned back to shelter. But it could not be discovered till now how
this dog came back to shelter home. Higgins is an adorable German Shepherd but
it looked as if he has a tragic fate. Because workers from the shelter house realized
that Higgins was not happy with his new owner or they threw Higgins out. As no one came after to inquire about the
dog. Since then Higgins had been living in the
shelter house. As he never got the proper care and attention
which he was yearning for and it has affected his life. And he has shut down himself to the outer
world. Unusually German Shepherd has frisky and lively
nature but Higgins has lost interest in life. It has been six and a half year in the shelter
home and spent almost all his life without any home. And he felt it as his rejection. Higgins has limited him to a remote area of
the shelter house. As it has becoming more difficult to find
a home for Higgins because he is getting older day by day. So shelter Humane Society of Preble County
in Ohio has requested people to adopt Higgins as their pet. And give him a chance to have a family and
help this dog to spend a life which he deserves. As this story spread many people showed their
interest to adopt Higgins. At last Brendon Reed has adopted Higgins and
felt honored to relief a dog from miserable loneliness and provide him family and home
to relate. We are happy for Higgins. Do you think that Higgins felt rejected while
other dogs being adopted from shelter house? Please share to pass on the story with family
and friend.

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