German Shepherd swimming / playing fetch

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11 Responses

  1. allomyces says:


  2. Jairus Galeos says:

    very nice dog!!! i wis i could have this kind of dogs..

  3. Jani says:

    thats exactly like my german whines in the water

  4. Val C says:

    Do they have webbed feet?

  5. Sarah Reidy says:

    my german shepherd goes to a lake everyday but only in the summer and he will go for anything that you throw into the water even a bottle cap. He is more like a german retreiver then a german shepherd

  6. blackiesmommy says:

    Wondeful swimmer!!! How come the other one won't swim out there to fetch??? Loved watching!!!

  7. blackiesmommy says:

    @TotalGermanShepherd Yeh i can tell Cera is an excellent swimmer!!! Ally did look like she was tempted to get in though!! Tha's just like my dogs i have some that love to swim and others that won't get in the water at all!!!

  8. TreyRust says:

    @PoliceObsessed haha, german retriever. google german shepherd retriever mix

  9. Sarah Reidy says:

    @TreyRust i didnt mean he's mixed lol i meant you know how the golden retriever fetches anything from the water? Thats what your dog reminds me of 🙂

  10. TryHardSyke says:

    i have a 1 1/2 year old gsd and did u do anything to make the one gsd like the water? plz respond

  11. Aldo Rojo says:

    Great dogs. Beautiful breed the German Shepherds

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