German Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois – Breed Comparsion

Welcome to another Q&A video
where I’m answering your questions to Ray question is from Ambrose I’m from
our Instagram and he wants to know the difference between German and Belgian
Shepherd in this video I will be comparing two most known Belgian
Shepherd – the Malinois there are a lot of similarities between German Shepherds
and Belgian Malinois both have similar body both belongs to shoot the family
and both are known as the great military jobs but there are a few differences
between them and we will look at them in this video let’s start with physical
characteristics both breeds of similar height but Belgian Malinois is a little bit
lower German Shepherd is just more muscular and bigger another appearance
difference is their head shape Malinois have chiseled heads but the biggest
difference is in their coat. Belgian Malinois have short straight and phone
call it hair on the other hand German Shepherd red long hair most of the time
German Shepherds have straight hair but they can also have where we go unlike
Malinois there are lots of callow area in German Shepherd code it can be black
silver red and side oh well if we are talking about it galls I should also
mention their grooming needs German Shepherds are known to be one of the
largest shadows of all dog breeds and this is one of the little downside of
owning one they just shared all the time if you want long maintance dog then you
should choose Belgian Malinois they have shorter code which is almost
non shedding I mean he still shared and is not hyper or Jenny but in comparison
with German Shepherd shedding Belgian Malinois wanes now let’s take a look at
their temperament we notice both dogs are extremely smart and intelligent GSD
is really easygoing loyal and protective dog he might look a little bit aloof but
they are not really shy Belgian Malinois is more assertive strangers but he’s
also loyal and protective Belgian Malinois are calm and peaceful dogs
so both dogs have a little oil and protective and those are great qualities
for watchdogs and protectors and both those are great at guarding I mean you
are not very vocal but they will protect their families at any sign of danger but
this is not the only work these dogs are capable of they are suitable for
military and police work as well mine wise public battered agility guarding
and tracking well German Shepherd is suitable for more words for example as
therapy dogs as I said earlier in this video both dogs are extremely smart and
you can train them to do almost anything Belgian Malinois is probably a little
bit easier to train because they are less stubborn but that does not mean the
GSD is hard to track dog he is also were eager to please just as Belgian Malinois
last thing I want to mention is how these dogs are acting from smaller
children and other animals both dogs are known for being great family dogs and
they are pretty happy around kids and both dogs German Shepherd and Belgian
Malinois will get used to almost any other family pet and of course they will
accept every family member of yours it is of course easier if he knows them
from his puppyhood if they are well socialized they should not be a problem
with this area so as you can see both breeds are different from each other
despite some similar characteristics both dogs are great loyal protectors and
family jobs gee is this little bit more gentle and Malinois is more playful tell
me in comments what do you think and how would you choose between those two
breeds thank you for watching this video as always if you have any other question
about jobs just ask me in comment and I will answer with my reply or maybe new
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18 Responses

  1. harshit shrivastava says:

    Both are my fav💗

  2. jill edmondson says:

    Good video.  A rescue group here in Chicago just rescued a German Shepard and she is beautiful.  I really do like your videos because you succinctly explain differences and similarities of the dogs you talk about.  Keep up your informative videos.

  3. h6ney says:

    Hey do you know anything about what chihuahuas like?

  4. Laura King says:

    Great video! I think German Shepherd dogs are pretty.

  5. GRAKUS DIEZ says:

    Malinois rules. The best dog ever. They are awesome. Los Malinois son la ley. Los mejores perros. Son increibles.

  6. Web crawler says:

    GSD all the way

  7. dominic manetta says:

    U should do a esl video 1st then get to this lol

  8. Nancy Doyle says:

    German Shepherd is one of my most favourite dog breed, but belgian malinois looks good too 🙂

  9. Rajat Kumar Paul says:

    GSD & Malinois both are very good breed.But I personally preferred malinois…

  10. Samrakshan Thapa says:

    Difference between king Shepherd and German Shepherd

  11. Chris says:

    Your voice recording needs to get EQ'd.. Sounds like horrible room noise.

  12. Martial Artist says:

    German Shepherds(working lines) have a stronger bite, are harder to fight off, have a better nose, and are more intelligent, but cost 4 times as much for similar working lines.

  13. Ankit Sharma says:

    U r d

  14. Pure Luck says:

    I can’t choose! I need both in my life!

  15. Rodrigo C says:

    Thee belgain is cute

  16. dawid adler says:

    Gsd is better and smarter

  17. Rocadog says:

    Which one do you preffer? German shepherd or Belgian Malinois?

  18. Allen Szykula says:

    My mali puppy is freaking awesome compared to other dogs i have owned or trained he is easy.

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