German Shepherd VS Belgian Malinois

in the following video there’s a real
showdown of dog breeds the two Very Popular Working Dogs stand here today in the
all-important duel against each other German Shepherd VS Belgian Malinois start the match Life Span German Shepherds lives 9 – 13 years whereas Belgian Malinois 12 – 14 years one point goes to Malinois 1 to 0 for Malinois General Health Both breeds are usually very healthy and are not prone to major health problems points for both. 2 to 1 for Malinois Affectionate with Family The Belgian Malinois may have a strong working-dog background but he craves companionship and family time above everything else. Also the German shepherd is very Affectionate with their family points for both. 3 to 2 for malinois Intelligence German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and with good reason, They’re considered the third smartest breed of dog Also the Malinois is very intelligent and classified very close with the german shepherd Points for both. 4 to 3 for Malinois Kid Friendly Malinois are good with children when properly introduced or raised with them However, Malinois can also be protective, territorial, possessive, and jealous. Whereas the German Shepherd dog is very child friendly. one point for German shepherd. 4 to 4 Friendly Toward Dogs and Pets both breeds can be aggressive towards dogs of same-sex but most of them are good with other dogs and pets. His aggressive behavior can be a result of poor socialization and poor training. Some Owners also train their dogs to be aggressive Points for both. 5 to 5 Adapts Well to Apartment Living The Belgian Malinois can live in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. Moderately active indoors, he will do best with at least an average-sized yard. whereas the german shepherd Adapts better to Apartment Living one point for german shepherd 6 to 5 for german shepherd Good For Novice Owners Dogs who are highly sensitive, independent thinking, or assertive may be harder for a first-time owner to manage. in this case both breeds are on average good For Novice Owners points for both. German shepherd 7, Belgian Malinois 6 Easy To Train Easy to train dogs are more adept at forming an association between a prompt (such as the word “sit”), an action (sitting) and a consequence (getting a treat) in this case both breeds are very quickly. Other dogs need more time, patience, and repetition during training. points for both. 8 to 7 Energy Level Both German Shepherds and Malinois dogs usually have a high energy level. The very energy that allows these dogs to be police, search, guide and herding dogs is often the reason these dogs are surrendered. Points for Both 9 to 8 Watchdog Ability The Malinois is a born watchdog very protective of his family and wary of strangers. With that in mind early socialization is important to keep him from turning aggressive. also the German Shepherd is one of the best watchdogs. Points for both. 10 to 9 Tendency To Bark Or Howl Belgian Malinois bark as a way to express their emotions and thoughts, so finding the source of their barking can help with training them not to. Whereas the German Shepherd is much quieter one point for german shepherd 11 to 9 Tolerates Being Alone While the German Shepherd dog does not tolerate being left alone they are able to entertain themselves. The Belgian Malinois, on the other hand, are bit better off being alone one point fot Malinois 11 to 10 Tolerates Cold Weather The coat of the Belgian Malinois is weather-resistant protecting the dog from the cold weather. But also the German shepherd is very resistant to Cold Weather Points for Both German Shepherd 12, Belgian Malinois 11 Tolerates Hot Weather In hot weather the under coat of malinois provides a barrier that helps keep the sun and hot weather from going past the shiny coat we see on top. It’s sort of like their built in air conditioner. Malinois are more heat-tolerant than German Shepherds. one point for malinois END OF THE MATCH the results are 12 to 12 This time we have 2 winners both breeds are very good But We let you decide, which one is the best ? LET UN KNOW IN THE COMMENTS ! Also, be sure to check out our other match’s, links are in description Thanks for watching and as always don’t forget to LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIEBE See you next time.

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68 Responses

  1. Raymond van der Wel says:

    i HAVE A swis shepherd

  2. Iron Mortalz says:

    i have a Belgian she’s amazing 🤣

  3. Iron Mortalz says:

    you can’t compare them some peoples dogs are different

  4. Puzz 3D :D says:

    German Shepherd

  5. Santiago Amendieta says:

    German Shepherd like thumbs down for malinois

  6. Istvan Muresan says:

    very nice both 🙂

  7. fomocore says:

    Shepard X Malinois = #1

  8. Lipsessed Is The balm dot com says:

    Can I just say a Mali is NOT an dog for first time owners my dog is springer cross Mali and she is in tracking agility puppy /dog trying and socialisation classes you may be willing to do all of these thing but neither are good for people who aren’t familiar with dogs. Don’t use these videos as reference to the breed these facts are not write please stop.

  9. aDORKable Bbrookk says:

    German Shepherd

  10. Titan Niki says:

    Bf's with 2 GSD's
    1 now, said Goodbye to My 9 yr old Female Niki, 2weeks ago cancer. I have to say, I Love my GSD Breed. I know many Law Enforcement agencies going toward Malinois' supposedly for Endurance. No opinion on that. Cuz I've never worked with a Malinois. From training & dealing with my two. Basic obedience, Detection, Protection & Tricks, I'll stay GSD. My 10 yr old Titan wishes there were 25 hours in a day, with his energy level.

  11. pop blblabla says:

    Belgium malinois cross German shepereds would be the best breed


    GS no health problems…… lmao! Except 50% having bad hips cause all the show ring fags want to destroy the breed smh.

  13. Taylor Stephan says:

    I think the german shepherd would win!

  14. Yatted Alex says:

    Any youtubers wanna subscribe to eachother?😊🐶🐶

  15. BULL1horns me dude says:

    German shepherd
    My dog is in the profile pic she’s great

  16. German_Shepherd7 Yt says:

    I have a German Shepherd and he is the best dog and friend ever

  17. Adrian Munoz says:

    German Shepard

  18. Dianne says:

    My dog is Labrador and German shepherd mix and he is 13 years old. He has hip dysplasia.

  19. Faze Ronnie says:

    I have a Belgian malinois she’s easy to train honestly

  20. Koby Javahery says:

    Let’s be honest. Owners of these dogs, we know the Malinois is a Walmart German Shepherd

  21. Shmacked Muffins says:

    But who’s the best good boi?

  22. Norma Muyrong says:


  23. Hunter Daly says:

    i have a shepherd lab mix puppy and we just got her a month ago, she’s the best

  24. Charbel Bibla says:

    German shepard is stronger

  25. ruben games says:

    Belgium malinois

  26. GamerZ Dimension says:

    Which one is the best? It's like saying werewolf vs. Vampire. Their child is the ultimate beast. My dog's half german and half belgian. ❤

  27. Justin Jenkins says:

    You gave points half the time to both when one was better and half the time to both when their the same wtf 😂

  28. Shavauna Ronan says:

    I have 2 rescued GSD's, they are the best!

  29. Lisa M. Perry says:

    I have had 2 GDS in my adult life. My first one was really dominant not to emotional, knew what he wanted, a definite man dog. The one I have now is not dominant at all but super emotional. I just wish they lived so much longer.

  30. Kresimir M says:

    koje sranje

  31. 123GoForMe says:

    The best pupper is a German Malinois 😄

  32. Rhys Thompson says:

    I prefer German shepherds because there cute, well none and I have one called bronte

  33. MaGo Spa says:

    I stop to watch this video as soon He said German Shepherds are Healty breed…

  34. Clayton Beacham says:


  35. Alpha Wolf3 says:

    My dog is half German shepard and half Belgian malinois and she is the best

  36. Guadalupe Garcia says:

    I did more than what is better than German

  37. Pitbull Kid says:

    Belgian malinois is by far better then a german shepperd. I train k9 dogs for a living and ive never seen such great dogs.

  38. Arafat Shaikh says:

    German Shepard

  39. Kim Mera says:

    Belgium malinois ❤️

  40. Jasmin Paredes says:

    We got like 14 Belgians

  41. Louise Martin says:

    I’m a German Shepard person

  42. Nick Zunic says:


  43. Amira's Channel says:

    I have a German shepherd and she's amazing I prefer German shepherd

  44. Dinai Jacinto says:

    German Shepherd is the best

  45. Lil Lion S says:

    Like if you pick German Shepard

  46. Taco Dogge says:

    I have a white shepherd and she is the best dog I cloud imagine. ^w^

  47. Real Police Talk says:

    I guess this video was suggested to me because I just made a series on police K-9 dogs. I'm glad I did enjoyed the video.

  48. Dylan Wadley says:

    German shepherds

  49. jody madewell says:

    As a kid I always wanted a german shepherd, i had a friend in school give me a puppy and told me it was a german shepherd it wasnt it was a red healer but he was a great dog had him till he died, but once i grew up and bought a house at 28 i got my first german shepherd her name was lady she was a crazy german shepherd she didnt like anyone but me she would try bite everyone but she always had to sit in my lap she died and i got another gsd puppy this time and then i got another one a black one that was a retired police dog, then got another one had her for about a year and her and my other gsd that i got as puppy started fighting i tired break them up and i got bit but ended up giving her away i was afraid she would try kill my other gsd i got her as a rescue cause she killed somone goats and her ex owner was going to put a bullet in her so i took her, But now might be getting a gsd puppy in a few weeks my other 2 gsd are 9 years old the one is having trouble going up stairs i have to help her sometimes, my black one still acts like he is a puppy and has tons of energy. But all i can say i love my gsd’s and i will never own any other breed.

  50. LowRes says:

    I cant decide between the two breeds.. so i got both breeds instead.

    I dont regret anything 😊😊

  51. Lilly_are_u_ok says:

    A few things German shepherds have hip problems which can lead to their death both dogs are need to socialize at a very early age and if you don't they will become territorial German shepherdstend tend not to bark but they are very vocal mine cries 24/7 this is because of how smart they are and they know how to get attention both of these dogs are not for novice owners if you have no experience with a dog do not get either breed they're extremely smart and need to be doing something constantly remember you have to socialize them and they're both extremely active so if you have no idea what you're doing DONT get them do your research this 5 minute video is not going to do anyting

  52. Kimberly Carpio says:

    German Shepherd🐕🐕🐕

  53. Jefferson Lopez says:


  54. Maria Isabel Montoya says:

    I am animal lover. However, my favorite is the German Shepherd.😊

  55. Husna Zannat Peu says:

    German Shepherd 😍

  56. PETER castle vlogs says:

    German shepherds are the best

  57. Mystic Purps says:

    I can’t decide. I’ll take 3 of each 😁

  58. Abdul Algaham says:

    Germane shaperd🤑🙏

  59. Dr. Sunita Devi says:

    Very Nice German Shepherd😘😘

  60. lv taylor Taylor says:

    Great comparison video I like both dogs

  61. josep herraiz ferrer says:

    This is the dumbest things ever said about both breeds

  62. Felekech Birhanu says:

    German shepherd is the best

  63. Soundari Billygraham says:

    Gsd sure!!!!

  64. Andrei Tampau says:


  65. jatan Simpson says:

    German Shepherd

  66. Kings of Robloxia says:

    For me they tow are really amazing but German Shepherd is my favorite dog

  67. Nadja Lulu says:


  68. bryan anderson says:

    If you think leave a like 👍 please Belgium malinois

  69. Natosha I'stokill says:

    I disagree with some of the opinions, I own a mal

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