German Shepherd welcomes owner/Owczarek Niemiecki wita właściciela

Who’s waiting for me, what? Who’s waiting for me? Who’s wagging a tail Hi doggie Hi Major My friend Hi, hello, I’m also happy to see you Dog will always welcome you as the first Hi, hi Wait Major, I need to hide a car, come, come Come Come So Major, sit! Or take a cone & runaway Hi, hi Major Yes, I also missed you, you know? You’re waiting here for me Hi What’s up? Oh hi Major Hi What sticks your fur here, what? Major really happy Because owner returned to home Dog is more happy from your return to home than anyone else Right Major? Truth? Confirmed info & all the time the same If he isn’t close in a pen, he’s waiting close to the gate He’s running always, when he hears my car’s engine Yes Major? & he welcomes What, you lost cone? Fluffy tail You Thumbs up for happy Major Thanks for watching Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time Right Major? Later

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