German Shepherd’s chasing sticks/Owczarek Niemiecki goni za kijami

Catch Bravo! Bring! Ho won’t brings What Major, do you think forest, a lot of sticks, so you don’t need to bring? Look Ready? Catch Bring Bring a stick Bring a stick Bring it Major! With you… Some bigger Ready But don’t jump What an acceleration Yes, you at least brought this one You care about him most There are more sticks to play Last time was huge storm & there’s more Look, what a little one toys Too little Major doesn’t like too little sticks Ready? Catch My handsome catcher of sticks Big open space. A perfect place to play with sticks Becasue there are a lot of sticks Major likes to plays with sticks Do you catch? Ready? Catch! Non reaction Are you sharpening your teeth? I’ll find own stick I even remember this one, can see, how it’s bitten Ready? Catch! Bring! Bring a stick! Good dog! You’ll bring but you won’t give back, what? Major, ready? Only smoke left after Major Bravo, good dog! New way of apparting Throw stick, let dog bring it & then you’ll struggle with him I got Catch! And he’s tired My dog broke down Thumbs up for Major, a catcher of sticks Truth? My catcher of sticks Thanks for watching And see you next time Later

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12 Responses

  1. dzik rydzik says:

    Major lubi spacery

  2. German Shepherd Kaylon And łobuz Mailo says:

    Ta miłość do patyka 😍😂😂

  3. Coleen F says:

    Major is tired and need some water big up to Major for runing up and down with those sticks👍💓

  4. Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie says:

    Fajne szeleczki

  5. Joy4ever ! says:

    Urocze ❤❤❤

  6. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    nice Video Lukas. Teach Major to give you the stick. I do not know how to do it.See in youtube, some nice way to teach him.and when his is tired and sit, it would be a good idea to sit with him in a chair.6 minutes and tired. My Major in Poland 10 minutes and Tired.ha.ha.ha….👍

  7. Nikolaos Aslanidis says: Lukas see this and tell me if you like it

  8. Agnieszka says:

    Sa kije jest zabawa

  9. Marlis Stelter says:

    Hi Major super play time. But even the biggest and strongest dog has to take a break!!! Have fun!!!

  10. Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf says:

    He's SO Beautiful Lukas 😍😊❣ Monroe Loves sticks tooooooooooo 😆❣

  11. Świat Oczami Psów says:

    #majorkontrakij 👍 👍 super filmik

  12. Aditya Badami says:

    😂😂😂😂 Major is a gem

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