German Shepherds in water – German Shepherds in pool

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23 Responses

  1. Minta says:

    Mine is 4months and does the same

  2. Mayes041 says:

    I love German Shepherd, they're combination of intelligence curiosity (a result of their intelligence) and sheer cuteness makes them infinitely fun to be around.

  3. Linda matthews says:

    that looks like my baby when she was a pup. She wouldn't lay in it, just dig all day if i let her.
    They are such water hounds, thank for video

  4. TanisterATL says:

    My GSDs just walk through their pools. Lol. Or they'll just stand there. But they don't dig or lay in them. They drink out of them, though. Haha.

    But they both prefer the water hose. They will DRENCH themselves in that.

  5. GuruR97 says:

    they see their reflection and think its another dog, but sooner or later they grow out of it apparently not this one. Anyways that is what I think.

  6. MaKaVeLi 087© says:

    Zine Shaferhund love zine water!

  7. teddybear4422 says:

    @5hoursleepd best dogs

  8. Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel says:

    god i could never use the water hose with my GSD out, he's attack the spray till he was horse…it was still funny everytime

  9. Allan Esver says:

    i love germen shepheds. good lookin dogs..

  10. BrynnaJane says:

    this reminds me SO MUCH of my german shepherd, Dietrich. Boy, do i miss him. He was such a great dog.

  11. blackiesmommy says:

    They sure are having fun splashing in their pool!!! My lab loves his pool too!!! I think both of our dogs need bigger pools though lol!!!

  12. Miss Mallory says:

    hahahah my gsd would never be caught dead in water. she's older now too, but she never did care for it.

  13. Stngraybch says:

    He needs a bigger wading pool. That one is too small. He would really appreciate a bigger pool. I have a German Shep and she loves her pool. It's the next size bigger.

  14. mw2gam3r1 says:

    im pissed i cant get gsd because we dont have a yard for it

  15. stingraybch says:

    Dog needs a bigger pool. He has to hunch his back in that one. My GSD loves her pool, too. She's huge for a female. She loves to get wet and then run in the dog door and soak the floors and hear me yell at her. Love her!

  16. stingraybch says:

    @Janosita So sorry. I have had one get old and die. I'll never forget him either. I love my GSD now, but no one can take his place. Every one is special in their own way.

  17. dtown223 says:

    Bite the water! LOL
    Beautiful dogs!

  18. PANZERFAUST90 says:

    My GSD LOVES water ^_^

  19. Hellkitten says:

    @LifeWithBuck I completely second you on that. 🙂

  20. teddybear4422 says:

    best dogs there is

  21. blazingsaber says:

    1,000,000 and above times better than Justin Bieber!!!

  22. jadizm says:

    I have that kind of pool for my GSD!

  23. chloe E.V says:

    How cute! Most loving and loyal breed there is!

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