German Shepherd’s playing with baloon/Owczarek Niemiecki bawi sie balonem

Major, easy! I found this balloon behind the fence. Major is very interested in it. Don’t you? Take! What’s this? How easy it’s escaping Do it has legs? It’s escaping by its own Was a balloon? Balloon was Oh right, leave it. Now it’s broken And I gonna should probably buy more balloons for Major There you are There isn’t We’ll give you the ball Through mystery passage Through these stairs Hi Major Through door How much of this straw you scattered. I just cleaned here I gonna give you something, what isn’t easy to destroy You don’t have this strength in your teeth, to destroy it This ball is made from the caoutchouc rubber, so… It’s really hard to destroy What? Will you give me? You won’t? Give it I know, what you wanna Me to throw for you Give No balloons. These balls are better These balls are better. These balls are better. These balls are better. Yes It’s your ball Major, when I was a child, I also played with balls a lot Voice, like I’ll have 80 years Trampoline to this So not balloons Only balls I knew it, that it will be like that Paws up for indestructible Major’s balls Which also helps in teeth cleaning Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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16 Responses

  1. Beata K says:

    Piękny pies. Mój pies podrzuca nosem i odbija, a potem przegryza. Pozdrowienia dla Majorka

  2. Marlis Stelter says:

    Majors first experience with a balloon. LOL l expected, he will not live long. That was too fast. He needs more of it. That will be funny!!!!

  3. Coleen F says:

    Lol that ballon disapper fast. 😃😃

  4. ewa Gaczynska says:

    Nie mów że nie rozgryzie mój Carlos rozgryz krąźek hokejowy

  5. Janet Harned says:

    Hi Major, you beautiful boy! So nice to see you show up on my phone, today, my birthday! Wish I could give you a hug!! 😍

  6. planet IceGaints says:

    major 🍗❤️

  7. dzik rydzik says:


  8. Ms. Laika The Husky says:

    Major was really into that ballon ! 😊

  9. piotrek21ism says:

    Był sobie balonik 😃

  10. Rajesh Sherawat says:

    Very nice… How is old ???

  11. Bryan says:

    YouTube's bieng a bully and not giving me notifications but can't forget about Major before I go to bed or I'll go mad. 🙂

  12. Nikolaos Aslanidis says:

    Good morning Lukas. I enjoy see every day Major plays. He has a lot of fun and when I see trampoline and trains, it comes in my mind lovable memories from Poland. Bravo.👏

  13. Agnieszka Sawicka says:

    I nie da się tego ugryźć

  14. German Shepherd Kaylon And łobuz Mailo says:

    U nas nie zdążył balon się zaklimatyzowac, a już było po nim 😂😂

  15. Ale30 says:

    The first 'ball' is too slippery and weak for Major's teeth, only the second ball can handle them! 🐶💪🏼

  16. The Owczarek says:

    Majorek jest taki słodki <3

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