German Shepherd’s Saturday/Sobota Owczarka Niemieckiego

Good morning Major, what do you say? On what are you looking? On this? Like cat on laser I’m a good bone, you want me? Do you want bone? Sure you want What now you’ll do with it Do you want to bury it? Bad place It won’t probably works Major Interesting, that dog can dig by paw, but he can’t bury with this paw Did you bury? For sure nobody will find Major’s bone Noone will find Major’s bone It’s totally invisible Are you adding a spice or what? Some dust & earth Major a Cook You know, this bone is already cooked in soup What? Will I pet you what? OK, I’ll pet you Mr Fluffy has a lazy You probably buried bone for a dinner yes? Now you wish a petting, what? Major you spoiled dog So thumbs up for spoiled Major Now some of you think, why Major is closed what? Your bone Major Take He’s closed because I’ll mowing after moment & he’s fighting a war with my mower So Major & my mower is my allies so I can’t let my allies to fight This is why Major needs to be in own border There you have place for digging Wait Major Look, here Nope, he’ll bury it in different place So I’m going to mowing & I thank you all for watching Like, subscribe, comment & share & see you next time Later That’s what I talked about! War! But I prefer a peace, peace I say! Saturday by German Shepherd Lazyness & barking on mower

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10 Responses

  1. Silver the Light Fury says:

    Narazie nie będzie Arona na YT bo jutro jadę do Lublina :/

  2. Świat Oczami Psów says:

    Te śliczne oczy 💕💚 0:18 zupełnie jak ina

  3. Ireneusz 75 says:

    Moja suka zakopała kość w doniczce z kwiatkami a kwiatki wykopała i myślała że dobrze ukryła pzdr.Wieliczka

  4. Kasia Basia says:

    I taka była sielanka ze smaczną kością 🍗aż tu nagle kosiarkowy 🐲nagle zakłócił spokój na terenie gdzie,, panuje i rządzi tylko jeden pan i władca ,,..Major Wspaniały Pierwszy i ostatni….. dobrze rządzi i pilnuje.
    Pozdrowienia dla Was 💟🐕💟👍

  5. Yhinaつぶあん says:

    😊good dog🌼😊🌼

  6. Sophia Duarte says:

    Hi Major 😍🌏🏘️🏞️💝😊
    How are you doing today?
    You sure had alot of Fun.
    Good Boy hiding your Bone.
    Look at that Precious 💕 🐾 Face.😘🤗💕🤠💘💕

  7. sayuri sakamoto says:

    Awwwwww Major😆😆😊💓💓💓
    You are always cutest puppy 🐶🐾💓💓💓

  8. Marlis Stelter says:

    Hello Major a nice and funny day for you. Peace with Mower??? No way!!!

  9. Agnieszka says:


  10. MAJA Waleczkowska says:


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