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Our Hero is really excited to go but he doesn’t know where is he about to go as soon as he gets down from the van he will smell the other dogs he will get extremely excited but as soon as he gets to the vet the smell will get to him and he will get a panic attack in his head ( scared ) so this is Petco next to petco its Thrive now as soon as the door opens he will get down yeh abhi yeh next ek hour ke liye ye sadmay may hoga issey ye jagah ke smell nahe acchi lagte hai Lady: Bechara baccha Ace come on Ace come here Ace come here Lady: Apney dog ko chup karah rahe hai come on come on here Lady apney dog ko : ye aapkey family jaysa hai haal saal iskeleye ye sabse bura din hota hai Lady: beechara bachaa come here come here come here good boy come here good boy good boy come here come on come on good boy bahetja good boyyy okay pechlee baar ye tha 106 pounds Aur abh hum hai 99 pounds. Tuo hum set hai Lady: Accha Beta Ace agar mein peechlee baar jesa video record karu tuo chalega? shukriya shukriya ghar pe ye bohot he protective hai par jab ye edhar aata hai. Ye daar jatey hai Lady’s GSD: Simon bhi same ho jata hai par sabh dartey hai insey (GSD se) kyoke ye daravney lagtey hai. Mere street pe bhi ye sabse badaa dog hai mere ghar ke baju main ek husband wife ko teen GSD hai jo iske jitney ya aur badey hai aur sabh log onko dheke mein khetee hu ke ye kuch nahe karengey ye sahad sirf apka mu chaatainge Ace ko aaj mast khana milega aaj aaj ke best cheese hoge iskeleye aap aajao. ok chalo come on Ace come here come on hi Ace. Good boy Ace Good boy. Come on here come on come on. aajao bachey ok bachey ok bachey he is not going to like it when they will come and give him shots and hold him. He is not going to like it so I give him the Trifexis pill once a month. Which is a heartworm prevention it controls/kills the fleas I think it’s a 5 or 6 in 1 pill so when he comes here he can smell other dogs or the smell of the injections so thats why he gets into a panic mode If I am with him, he gets a bit calm right Ace. He knows I am going to take care of him no matter what. Right Ace. I will take care of you these people here know that everyone’s pets are like their kids so these guys here treat them accordingly ( with Love ) who is it Ace It will take an hour Ace. In 1 hour you will be all set you will get a treat aap kesey ho. Mein theek hu, aur aap? aap kesey ho ye lo ye muje karney do. Appko chayey hum bahar jaye aap ka kaam aasaan ho jayega agar hum bahar javey? agar aap mujey sirf ek minute dogey tuo. Shukriya neechey ho ja mein ready hu nechey ho ja ye chalega right? haan eskey aankh cover kardo thoda sar ke taraf kheecho barabar ye ghar pe ek dum barabar hai. ha ha koe takleef nahe Ace okay nooo. Ye pheechey khujlee kar raha hai? haan kabhi kabhi ye apney back ko bricks ke saat gasadta hai kye ke isey khulee hote hai. tuo meiney coconut ka tail lagaya hai isleye chipke hai idhar iske skin tuo theek hai ( no problem ) tum good boy ho isey aap koe flea ke davaa de rahe ho? haan Trifexis Ok aur ye chaley phirney mein kesa hai? ek dum mast ye sirf esaa ho jata hai jab ye edhar aata hai hamey oskee davaa hai agar aapko chahye tuo hum de sakte hai osey aap idhar aaney ke peheley se he de sakte ho apna haat opar karo ek second ke liye eskee aakh pe towel rakh do hold karo oska sar oopar karo get down get down. essey khada rakho blood ka ek drop chahyee heartworm test ke liye shabaash tum theek ho. Ace good boy mast kiya Ace ney good boy Ace bohot bahadur ban raha hai. Actually thoda bahadur sabh injection oske haat ke opar ke taraf lagega thoda dard hoga aaj esko ospe check karna aaj ke oska face ke soojan ya oltee ke liye hamey batana. aap ye nikal na jab hum bahar jaye 10 mins lagegey test ke liye Ok thank you. You are welcome get down come on get down get down it’s done now just imagine I had not put this on and If my hand would be loose. What would he do. Ace good boy. Now you are all set. now the process is now the process is. The boold sample they just took they will do a heartworm test if the test is passed. Then whenever I order him pills they will give a prescription for the pills and if he fails the heartworm test. Then We will not get the pills I mean he will not get a prescription for the pills then there will be another or a different process then we will not be able to move on until the heartworm process is completed it’s very important that you give your dog heartworm prevention pill every month hes like a lion otherwise. But at the vets he becomes the opposite these are the packages starter package for when you initially get a puppy $59 when your puppy is due for the 2nd time it is also $59. When it’s due 3rd time It is also $59. When your puppy is an adult then too it’s $59. The full adult package the one I am getting done today. $99 I got the heartworm prevention. I think that was extra. ( It Wasn’t ) they did his stomach worm test it cost around $9 or $10 extra so total it cost me $125 $124 was on this base. Indian rupees around 8000/9000 is his annual vaccination cost so it’s perfect. He is clear our dog is a healthy dog. She said after he comes here he gets very scared. Thats why his reaction is like this everything pets related you can imagine ye store mein hai. I get this one for Ace Are you all set now? this was the vet visit vlog. I hope you’ll enjoyed it Let me know which videos you’ll want of Ace

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