German Shorthaired Pointer Dogs 101 The Perfect Hunting Dog

Friendly, smart, willing to please … The
German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunter and an all-purpose gun dog capable
of high performance in the field and in the water, who also doubles as a great family
companion. An active family, that is. If you’ve ever admired the versatility,
athleticism and stamina of a decathlete, you’ll admire the German Shorthaired Pointer. Hi, welcome to Animal Facts. Today, we try to keep up with the energetic
and strong companion, the German Shorthaired Pointer. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
and subscribe for more fun, fauna facts. Tell us about your doggy in the comments below. 10. Surprise, they come from Germany! As the name suggest, the German Shorthaired
Pointer hails from Deutschland. Although Pointer-type dogs date back to ancient
Egypt, the German Shorthaired was shaped in the 19th century by German Hunters wanting
the perfect hunting dog, capable of catching a wide variety of game on both land and water. He was bred to hunt a variety of animals,
from small game like squirrels and rabbits to larger game like boar and deer. Since that time, the German shorthaired pointer’s
reputation has expanded around the world as the ideal dog for the person wanting a versatile
hunter. 9. He can do it all! And, he wants to do it all—over, and over
again! He has a variety of different attributes that
make him perfect for any job in and out of the water. His water-resistant coat repels debris as
he swims, while his spoon-shaped webbed paws act as paddles. On land, his heavy nails help him get traction
on even rough terrain, making him a versatile companion and working dog. 8. The pedigree was added to the American Kennel
Club roster in March 1930 and is the 11th most popular breed thanks to its great temperament
and solid work ethic. Most owners say the German Shorthaired Pointer
is great with kids and other pets and responds well to training. You’ll need to keep this dog company, though,
as few say it’s OK to leave this pooch on his own. 7. This is a high-energy dog that will not be
content to sit around all day. A long exercise period every day and access
to a good-sized yard are needed during the day. Given adequate exercise, life indoors with
a German shorthaired pointer can be tranquil; without adequate exercise, it can be disastrous. He can live in an apartment, but you’re
likely going to need to be an athlete yourself to meet his exercise needs. A simple walk before and after work won’t
burn up his boundless energy. 6. German Shorthaired Pointers are not Golden
Retrievers. He is capable of learning a great deal, but
he has an independent mind of his own and is easily distracted by exciting sights, sounds,
and scents. Some German Shorthairs are willful and obstinate
and some can be manipulative. You must show him, through absolute consistency,
that you mean what you say. 5. He is an average shedder. The short and rough coat of the breed needs
little grooming. Brushing his coat once a week and rubbing
his body occasionally with a damp towel is sufficient to maintain a healthy coat. He should be bathed only when necessary and
must be dried properly after each bath. His eyes and ears need to be cleaned regularly
and nails should be trimmed properly to avoid any injury. 4. Pointers, as the name suggests, naturally
use their bodies to point when they find game. They lower their heads, keep a steady gaze,
and lift one of their front paws—taking the shape of an arrow directing hunters to
the prey. This pointing behavior is so innate, even
puppies that have never been on a hunt will sometimes do it. 3. They perform well in agility events. Due to the nature of the obstacles, the events
require a strong bond between dogs and their handlers, as well as natural motivation and
conditioning. The German shorthaired pointer’s speed,
grace, and willingness to learn make them an ideal breed for the sport. The AKC has been holding prestigious Agility
tournaments since 1978, and the highest title, the Preferred Agility Champion, was instated
in 2011. As of 2015, there were 8 German shorthaired
pointers with this title. 2. The TSA uses the dogs, including one named
Pina. As part of the official canine explosives
team, she sniffs boxes and crates in New York and New Jersey for any suspicious odors. Luckily, she has yet to find any potentially
dangerous scents that weren’t placed there for training. 1. He may have become famous for his hunting
skills, but the German Shorthaired Pointer also makes a great pet, thanks to his lovable
demeanor. Dedicated to his owners, this breed will be
sociable with other animals and humans. But the best part is that the German Shorthaired
Pointer loves children – in fact, he will often become more attached to the children
in the house than to the adults. Want more fun, fauna facts? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button and
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  1. Animal Facts says:

    Tells us about your German Shorthaired Pointer.

  2. CC says:

    Excellent job as usual!!!๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ•

  3. Emerald Peony says:

    My German shorthaired pointer is obsessed with fetch. He's not "ball" obsessed, he is fetch obsessed. If you take away whatever he places by you, he will just find something else, chew something else to use (for example, break up a stick into several pieces so that if you throw out one piece, he will have others to use right after). He is NUTS. And he won't stop. That is all he wants to do, and he will find whatever you throw no matter the circumstances. If we take him on walks, he will cooperate, he just doesn't get tired out though. Right when we get back home it is back to fetch. The dog park? He won't interact with other dogs and won't even acknowledge them when they sniff him. He will steal someone else's ball and point. Can anyone explain this? Is anyone else's dog like this?

  4. Serban Ciobotaru says:

    Thanks for putting my video in it!

  5. Vivien Elizabeth says:

    Mine is lazy and hyper at the same time

  6. bradiator646 says:

    Are the shorthairs more common than the longhairs? every time i see these kind of dogs it's always a shorthair. Can't remember the last time i seen a longhair

  7. Tren Clen says:

    Im about to get my pup. Can't wait ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Jeremy Pacacha says:

    Nice video ๐Ÿ‘

  9. Snofuz68 says:

    Number 6 "manipulative" I love that you mentioned this fact. This is the number one thing I tell people about GSPs , when they assume they are like a lab, they aren't. Mine does not do anything to "please" me he doesn't want me angry but pleasing me is not a priority. I say he has 2 drives "Food and Fun". He was easy to train and is a great dog, must have off leash walks to burn off the energy, he's not hyper though some are, but the biggest thing is his mind. Super smart and will out think most people and dogs who aren't paying attention.

  10. CESayers1 says:

    My parents and I had a German short-haired pointer. We got him when I was about two, and that dog took so much nonsense from me. I'd grab him by the tail and drag him across the floor, and he'd just give my parents a pitiful look of, "Is this really part of my contract?"

  11. Jim DuCharme says:

    Who forgot to the dock the tails?? Must be done to keep this breed pure.. does not hurt the dog!!

  12. Danielle lanza says:

    Mine hates children lol

  13. OBServe Garage says:

    My GSP is almost 8. She is such a good dog now.

  14. Bella Stipanovich says:

    OMG my German shorthaird pointer does the same thing when wants attention, he nudged you. My profile picture is (somewhat) my German short haired pointer.

  15. Bella Stipanovich says:

    You have to give them so much excercise though or they will become sick

  16. Bella Stipanovich says:

    He is also reallllylylyytyy obsessed with fetch

  17. Jaqen H'gar says:

    Most hyper dog EVER!

  18. MuggShotGaming says:

    Best dog breed that's ever owned me, ive had them my entire life.

  19. Ethan Bakker says:

    Can these beautiful dogs be a family pet with other pets?

  20. EvanescentTuber says:

    I love this breed โค

  21. Gabriella Rich says:

    I have a GSP chocolate lab mix & I will never owe another breed in my life. He is super sweet, chill, hyper & active all at the same time. My dog was easier to train than my Border Collie.

  22. Wesley Adolph says:

    Getting mine in a couple weeks and im really excited!

  23. pressure drop says:

    Yellow snowman nice. Dirty dog

  24. Rooster Currie says:

    Do they work well as Waterfowl retrievers

  25. Jes Lightning says:

    My dad would probably say that you left out how good this dog is at stealing lunches! ๐Ÿ˜‚ He owned a German Short-haired Pointer named Rocky Top, and that dog was pretty good at outsmarting my dad and swiping my dad's lunches! ๐Ÿ˜† Rocky Top also had a habit of eating bees, and playing Keep-Away with the fowl when my dad took him (Rocky Top) quail hunting! My dad got Rocky Top long before he and my mom had me, but Rocky Top lived long enough for me to make a few memories with him before he passed away. My fondest memories of that dog, are the times when I tried to ride on his back like I had seen children do in movies, and Rocky Top knew what I was doing, because every time I went to get on his back, Rocky Top would immediately sit down. I swear he had a knowing look in his eye when he'd prevent me from sitting on his back– as though he was amused at outsmarting the tiny human and was proud of himself for doing so! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Rocky Top may not have been the best trained dog, and a bit of a trouble maker, but he was a great dog that brought my dad many years of joy! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  26. Risky says:

    I have a German short haired pointer

  27. Jana M says:

    Hey! I have one dog and i plan to get GSP, do you think up to 4 hrs a day (running and playing with dogs) is enough for this breed?

  28. BNODDY 07 says:

    What would be the reason for it biting a child?

  29. Addie Dion says:

    I recently got a gsp puppy at the start of the summer. Right now she's 4 months old, and we already need to take her on two two mile runs a day.

  30. Troy Power says:

    Love the GSP and the GWP, never forget my last two GSP's, fantastic breed that can do it all.

  31. Peter Tyrrell says:

    My girl is 14 and still lively. Only dog I have seen that could body surf a large wave all the way in to shore.

  32. Archiver Jay says:

    English pointer better

  33. Presby Gaming says:

    I have a 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer named Goose. Such a sweet loving dog ๐Ÿ’™

  34. Craig Price says:

    I have a year and a half old gsp. he is a handful. always into everything. Talk about high energy, hi never stops! the thing I am having the most trouble with is his barking. I am so sick of his barking. I can't get him to stop barking.

  35. M McGough says:

    My mom got a "lab" at the shelter and couldn't figure out why it was so hard to train. I went over to visit: it's a pointer. ๐Ÿ™‚ super sweet dog and he's trained now that Mom changed her training game.

  36. 5dd says:

    It's an amazing breed, but in my experience, you should only own one if you love to bird hunt and do it regularly. All of the Pointers I've been around love hunting more than anything. It's what they live for.

  37. Sindre Pedersen Tรธdรฅs says:

    GSP is also used a lot as a racedog on skis

  38. Yosra Stephan says:

    Mine loves to sleeeeep

  39. Helen-Lynn Malcolm says:

    I want one so bad

  40. Susan McCloy says:

    i have a gsp she points at my rabbit loves to swim and soon we are taking her to see her boyfriend to get her pregnant

  41. Giancarlo Cipolla says:

    I had 3 GSP, they are the best hunting dog and perfect for a family dog.

  42. Skull Girrl says:

    My childhood GSP was by far the best pet I ever had

  43. OctagonWarlord says:

    They take a decent amount of training and need a confident leader. But best dog Iโ€™ve ever owned; hands down!

  44. Neil says:

    Smarter than most toddlers, mine is only 7 months old and she can open the cabinets with child locks on them!

  45. Julia Kovalenko says:

    Great thing to add that they are one of the healthiest dogs and not inbred. Super goofy and excitable.

  46. cmmahoney21 says:

    My dad had a total of three GSPs when I was little. I used to love to watch them point. As an adult, I got a small terrier mix dog and noticed that when I took him out for walks, he would sometimes point. Later, I found out why. Apparently, he had lived with a GSP. His owner relinquished both dogs. I guess that my dog learned to point from the pointer. As he got older, he stopped pointing.

  47. billyl allen says:

    The hunting in the beginning of the video, is from Hastings Island. I was a member of that preserve, on and off for 20 years, it is a great place to train and hunt for pheasants.

  48. Rachel Ray says:

    Whoever cut the dogs tail off deserves his micky to be chopped off!!!!! Scumbags

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