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Hi! My name is Gaia and welcome back on my Youtube channel Geek Robot d’Acciaio As usual I’m here to introduce you a board game that I really liked! This time is a really new title. In fact, the game has not come out yet It will go on Kickstarter into the next days To reach the goal and produce it. The board game name is…. FANTASY PUG QUEST (ta-daa) Published by Tin Hat Games This version that I show you is a prototype so the materials could change in the final game version but before we see the board game…opening theme!!! Fantasy Pug Quest is a cooperative cards game 1-5 players or better 1-5 heroic pugs because if you don’t know PUGS are those funny little dogs Those dogs that seems to snore every time The pugs heroes will fight the evil (but cuuute) forces It’s a cards game so heroes and monsters will be represented with cards We have the heroes cards the magic items cards, naturally all with a funny doggy design the enemies to defeat and the evil bosses that will find into the final world But most of the cards that we find here are the energy cards The energy cards are important because with them we can activate the heroes powers Here we have the green for the Spirit, the yellow for Rapidity, the red for Power, the purple for Magic and the blue for Ingenium the ones here are the jolly cards that you can use for any actions These are the Worlds cards each of these rappresents a challenge for the players Into the core box will be present a battle mat too you don’t need it to play, but it is usefull If you travel and desire a more portable version of the game you can take only the cards so you will have a lite and funny version of the game Now we see a fast setup First we need to mix the cards … the energy cards …the treasure cards Each player can now draft or choose his hero my favorite hero is the Rogue so I will choose him/her his principal skill is the Rapidity (yellow cards) Into the core box we will find five heroes Rogue, Fighter, Bard, Wizard and Cleric each one with his particular skills These are only some of the monsters you will fight They are all fantasy classics but redesigned into dogs and so on like zombie, skeleton and mimic Their cute appearance must not deceive you Fight them HARD! The most dangerous enemies are the bosses and into the core box you will find five you fight them at the end of the 3rd world of every game The bosses are Rats King, Feline Mind Supreme, Illusionary Fox, Demonic Poodle and War Mastiff My two favorites are the Feline Mind Supreme and the Demonic Poodle! I can’t wait to fight them These are only some of the magic items you find in Fantasy Pug Quest They are sooooo cute! Like the Funny Coat and the Giant Bone They will be really helpful in our adventure Now we give a look to the hero cards Here we can see the hero class, Rogue Near the class we have the Iniziative, the Rogue has 18 The Iniziative is really important the more the iniziative is high and the hero will act first Under the Iniziative we find the hit points, 5 for the Rogue Under the hit points heart we find the movement points the Rogue movement points are 1 the Rogue use the (yellow) Rapidity energy type and here is the symbol on the card in this text we have the hero basic skill into the Rogue case is Stealth with Stealth, the Rogue have an extra free move but only to move on the back of other heroes Now we give you a quick preview of the other core heroes The Fighter use Power and with Mastery can save an energy card for the treasure card combos The Wizard is a magic type hero with Arcane Knowledge can use 2 more energy cards and the hand cards limit grow too so in a 2 players game it will be 11 and not 9 Here the Cleric able to Pray and can use a combo with only a Spirit energy card and the Spirit energy is his principal source of power Last but not for Charisma the Bard! The Bard can Improvise When decide to draw can always take the first card on top of discard pile He is an ingenium hero Each hero has a combo list described into a second card Tha combos are 3 at 1st level, 4 for the 2nd level and finally 5 at 3rd level The combos will grow up in power with level but they will be more difficult to realize too The hero combos have always the hero type energy inside as you can see for the Rogue each combo need one or more yellow energies The monster cards are really similar to the hero cards We can find an Iniziative value and the hit points but the movement is a little different we have not only the number of spaces but the direction too! in fact as you can see the Howlrat move in a direction while the Skeleton in the opposite direction The mosters have a typical energy type too.
For example the Howlrat is a Power one. Into the text below we find the monster attack and the kind of attack If the symbol is a little sword then it is a melee attack and can damage only the hero in first row If the symbol is a bow then it is a ranged attack and can damage distant enemies too But you can see that the attack symbols are not equal The Howlrat attack have an arrow indicating right in front of him The Skeleton attack have two arrows that indicate in two different places It is really important to check the attack type of the monsters on the battlefield If we choose the right strategy we can evade all the enemies attacks Now come here and take a closer look to the mat The first thing to do is choose the world You draft one among the 5 possible I will choose…….. ….this one: Tha fairy forest! Every world card has a specific feature Every world card has a type in this case Magic and a text In this world the heroes need to discard 2 energy cards to take treasure or avoid damage We will talk about this later Now we need to find the enemies for this setup In this little scheme we can see where to put enemies on the mat depending on the number of players For example is a 2 player game we need to fill the space where is indicated a 1 and a 2 As you can see, there is a red B back here If we are fighting the 3rd and last world then we need to place the boss too A monster more dangerous than others.
But always cute 🙂 Place the world card drafted into this place and the treasure cards here Following the scheme on the world card we place the enemies on the mat We have filled up the 1 and 2 space because this will be a 2 players example play We place now the heroes: the Fighter and the Rogue We place them in first row but we could have choose to place one of them into the second row too We are brave so…ready to battle, pugs! now that the setup is complete, we draft the energy cards 1 player, 10 cards. 2 or 3 player, 9 cards. 4 or 5 players, 8 cards. After each player drafted his energy cards make piles of face up cards 1-3 players you need to do 3 piles, as this 4 for 4 players and 5 for 5 players now we are ready to play! A game last 10 rounds and every round is divides into turns 1 turn for every cards on the mat
(heros, monsters and boss) The Iniziative value decide who act first An high Iniziative make act first and every hero have 2 actions in his turn can choose from these 4 actons 1. Movement The hero moves in a direction as many spaces as his movement value if a place is occupied by another hero than he can move back him if the hero is on a limit can move and reappear on the other side of the mat This movement rule is valid for monsters too 2. Standard Attack The hero deals 1 damage
with a melee attack right in front of him to attack he discards one energy card of his type.
You can’t performe a standard attack twice in a turn. 3. Draft You can draft 2 cards from the energy cards pile or you can take 2 from the face up cards or 1 and 1, as you desire. 4. Discard You can discard all the cards you desire and
take the same amount from the energy cards pile or from the face up cards Attention!!! Remember that when you take face up cards with the Draft or Discard action you need to replace them until the right number A special action type is the Combo.
You can perform as much you desire in every moment naturally you need the necessary energy cards Outside his turn each hero can perform free actions as Pick up or Defend When a monster is defeated, every hero in his column can try to Pick Up his treasure they need to discard an energy card of the same type of the defeated moster To Defend an hero need to discard energy cards of the same type of the attacking monster one card for every damage he desire to avoid During the game, the heroes will attack the monsters and the same on the other side every time we have a combat If a hero takes so much damage as his hit points then the hero will be removed from the game and discard all the treasures and energy cards The hero will go return to his dog’s bed 🙁 This unlucky hero will return on the mat only in the next world If the hero defeats the monster then the monster is immediatly removed from the game and the player who did the last damage take 1 experience point With experience points the hero gains level and is able to perform more combos! If all heroes are beaten, they lose the scenario the heroes can go on the next world but without the market phase If all heroes are beaten in the 3rd and last world,
where the Boss rules then the evil forces win and the game is lost 🙁 But if the heroes kill all monsters than they win the scenario and they can enter the market phase The player draft as many cards as are the living heroes Following the Iniziative values, the heroes can but ONE treasure to take a treasure an hero discards an energy card of his type or exchanging it with one of his treasures Attention! Each hero can buy only ONE treasure
and all the not purchased ones will be lost After the market phase,
the heroes can exchange energy cards and treasures A game is divided into 3 different world the 1st and 2nd world are full of enemies while the 3rd have the terrible Boss too The Boss is the most dangerous enemy into all the game with a power level even higher than that of heroes! but if you kill the Boss The game end with a victory!
Otherwise the evil forces win 🙁 We see now a little more about the movement and combat The first to play is the Rogue with his high Iniziative (18) There is the Howlrat in front of him and decide to attack him with a Standard Attack and to do it he discards a yellow energy card The Howlrat take 1 damage and we report it with a wound token The 2nd action is to move He can move left or right Decide to go for right.
So the Rogue go behind the Fighter that hold the first row The Rogue turn ends The higher Iniziative now is the Skeleton one (17) The Skeleton must move and follow the direction on his card He must move to the left, but the position is holded by the Howlrat so he must move behind him The Corgriffin (Corgi + Griffin) has no one in front of him now so automatically advance in first row The Skeleton attacks and his multiple attack hit diagonally The attack hits the poor Fighter
but NOT the Rogue because is NOT a piercing attack The Fighter takes 1 damage The Fighter could have discarded a green card (Spirit), the same type of the attacking monster, to avoid the damage Now is the Corgriffin turn (Iniziative 11) The Corgriffin fly left for 2 spaces The Corgriffin has a multiple attack too but this time none of the heroes is hit ieeee 🙂 Now arrive the Howlrat (Iniziative 7) The Howlrat move right and finish his movement in front of the Fighter unlike the previous monster the Howlrat make a melee attack straight ahead The Howlrat attack hit the Fighter The Howlrat attack inflict 2 damage and move the enemy but this time the Fighter avoid the damages discarding 2 energy red cards (Power) Finally is the Fighter turn! Slow but violent! as only a real pug know to be The Fighter choose a combo as first action He performs a Precise Shot discarding a yellow and a red energy card With Precise Shot deals 2 more damages to the Howlrat that have 3 wounds now The Howlrat have only 1 hit pont left and the Fighter also removes that with a standard attack The Howlrat is immediately removed from the game The defeated monster leaves behind him a treasure The heroes in front of him can Pick Up this treasure to take it an hero needs to discard an energy card of the same monster type just defeated so the heroes must discard a red card (Power) to Pick Up this treasure The first to have this possibility is the Fighter because is in first row but he is unlucky because he has no more red cards in his hand Now the possibility go to the Rogue He discard a Power card and so he can Pick Up a treasure It’s a delicious cupcake!!!
Obviously magic! 😉 The player take the card and put it in front of him As you saw a round is really fast You need to pay particular attention to where the enemies will move to know where they will attack
and avoid taking damages Finally as said if the heroes kill all monsters can go to the market phase and buy usefull magic items Fantasy Pug Quest is a board game from 1 to 5 players A game last around 30 minutes and the young players will like it too Since 8 years old you can really enjoy it My brother (5yo) liked it with just a little help So do you liked Fantasy Pug Quest? I loved it and I’m ready to tell you a little secret… …pugs are my favorite dogs 😀 The game design is really puppy and amazing and the game is funny, fast and adorable One of the best things is the homogeneous design with the canine theme not only the heroes but the monsters too and the treasures too are thought for these little fantasy heroes The game could be a challenge in solo mode too but it is more funny played with friends If you liked Fantasy Pug Quest like me than you can fund it on Kickstarter you find the link below
(or around here) Funding it on Kickstarter you will recive all the strech goals not a small benefit and the creators will realize their game with your help you will become part of the project Little Pug Players!! Remember to follow us on Youtube to be always updated on our previews, reviews and unboxing and find us on our site, Facebook and Instagram and if a little girl has managed to explain this game to you, you’ll surely be able to play with it! na na na
na na naaaa
na na naaaaa

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